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Departmental Time Administrators (DTAs)

Getting Access

In order to become a DTA, the following steps must be completed in the order listed:

  1. Complete the process for getting access to OPTRS. OPTRS is the Online Payroll Time Reporting System, a module within PPS, the Payroll & Personnel System, used for entering time into PPS. In order to use TRS you must secure access to OPTRS first. This process includes submitting a request application, completing several classes, and completing a department structure form which identifies your OPTRS role in your department. Each step in this process must be completed beforeproceeding to step #2 below.
  2. Complete the DTA Access Request form next. Once completed, it should be submitted to TRS help Desk, fax 530-754-7385 or AFTER you have submitted your DTA Access Request form, and it has been processed, you will be eligible to complete the required DTA training.
  3. (Optional but Recommended): Complete the Online Employee and Supervisor training. Click the applicable link below to begin the training:
  4. After the TRS Help Desk confirms your eligibility, complete DTA Online Training (1 hour).  Once you complete the online training, give us your feedback.

Note: Online training will not be an option in UC Learning Center site until steps one and two listed above are confirmed, afterwards this class will appear on employee's Dashboard in the Training section.

Once all the required steps above have been completed and confirmed by the TRS Help Desk, you will be granted access to TRS as a Department Time Administrator (DTA). You will receive a notification email when your access has been granted.

DTA User Guide

To assist the DTA with the various TRS processes and how to use each TRS screen, a DTA User Guide is available and can be referred to as needed.

Removing Access

Departments should regularly review the list of staff assigned to the Department Time Administrator (DTA) role and request inactivation for staff that should no longer have that role.

If a DTA will be separating from your department (transferring to another department or separating from the university), their DTA access in TRS should be deactivated.  The department MSO or Supervisor (i.e., employee who approves new DTA access in department) should email the TRS Help Desk with the name of the DTA and the department assignments that should be removed. The TRS Help Desk will then inactivate that user’s DTA access in TRS.  Please note that the TRS Help Desk does not automatically remove DTA access without a written request from the department.

If the DTA is going to be transferring to a new department for which they will be a DTA, they will need to complete the steps of getting access (including completing a request form) in order to secure DTA access for their new department. Additional training is not required, provided that the employee has previously completed the required DTA training.