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Audit and Management Advisory Services

Audit and Management Advisory Services (AMAS) performs independent audits and consultations designed to evaluate and promote the system of internal controls, including effective and efficient operations.

These services assist Administrative Officials in the discharge of their oversight, management, and operating responsibilities. AMAS is authorized to have full, free, and unrestricted access to information, including records, computer files, property, and personnel in accordance with the authority granted by the Board of Regents and the UC Davis Chancellor's approval of the Audit and Management Advisory Services Charter. The work of AMAS is unrestricted, except where limited by law or university policy. AMAS is also charged with investigating allegations of financial and administrative impropriety that have been reported and determined to be improper governmental activities.
AMAS has neither direct responsibility for, nor authority over, any of the activities reviewed. Therefore, the audit review and appraisal process does not in any way relieve Administrative Officials of the responsibilities delegated to them.

Audit Services

AMAS performs operational, financial, compliance, and information technology reviews of campus departments, programs, and systems with the primary goal of improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance of operations reviewed. An annual audit plan is established that focuses AMAS resources on those areas identified as having the highest risk in order to provide the university with the most benefit from the audit function. The planning phases of individual audits include input from the department to ensure areas of concern are addressed during the review.
Requests for audits can be directed to the Audit Director and will be prioritized based on the perceived urgency of the work and risk in relation to the audit plan and work in progress.

Advisory Services

AMAS also serves an advisory role to the campus community. Advisory Services include consultations, problem prevention and/or resolution, and participation on committees or task forces created by the campus to address specific problems, ongoing issues and evaluations of new products and processes.

External Audit Coordination

The Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor, Chancellor’s Office, has been delegated responsibility for the oversight of all external audit activities, with the exception of The Regents' financial and A-133 audits, which are coordinated by the Associate Vice Chancellor - Finance. The role of the Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor is to assure that the campus responds appropriately to all external audit requests/agencies in a consistent manner. In order to do so, all audit requests must be directed to the Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor and should outline the purpose and schedule of the audit or survey to be conducted