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Cash Handling

How to process cash for various fees and payments.

Forms and Supplies 

Official endorsement stamps can be obtained by contacting A&FR, Maureen Pigozzo. The following items are available through UCD Buy:

Item Catalog #
Cash Receipt for Departmental Sales  71461-137
Subcashiering Station Statement of Cash Collections and Receipts Issued 71461-135
Cashiering Station Cash Accountability Transfer Receipt 71461-246
Cash/security bags: Tamper-Evident Deposit Bags  A42362010N20
Night Deposit Bags with Built-in Locks A4233-0981W-08

Handling Cash: A Guide for Campus Departments

We have produced a booklet to assist staff who handle cash. The booklet is intended as a guide to the cash handling process, from obtaining change funds through depositing.

Topics covered include:

  • Obtaining Change Funds
  • Preparing the Cash Drawer/Till
  • Accepting and Processing: Cash, Checks, Credit Cards
  • Issuing Voids and Refunds
  • Closing Balance Process
  • Preparing and Making Deposits
  • Tips to Avoid Fraud

Download the Booklet >>

Please note that the booklet contains references to the KFS Cash Receipt (CR) document. Instructions on using the Cash Receipt document are available on the KFS section of this site.