Use this step-by-step guide to set-up a new Billing ID.

Click on each step to get detailed instructions for that step. Each step must be completed before beginning the next step.

*KFS = Kuali Financial System

  Steps What's Involved Person Responsible
1 Select a New 4-Character ID
  1. Access the Lookup Screen
  2. Search for an Available ID
  3. Make Note of Your New ID
Any KFS User
2 Process a Billing ID Document
  1. Start the Billing ID Document
  2. Enter the New Billing ID Code
  3. Finish the Document
Any KFS User


Select a new 4-character ID

  What to do How to do it
A. Access the Billing ID Lookup Screen Before setting up a Billing ID, it is a good idea to determine if the ID you would like to use is available. In the Kuali Financial System (KFS), click on the Billing ID link in the Chart of Accounts channel from the Main Menu.
B. Search for an Available ID Your Billing ID must be exactly 4 characters and can contain numbers and/or letters. Special characters should not be used. On the Billing ID Lookup screen, enter the ID you have selected in the Billing ID field and click on the Search button. If your search brings up a result in the Search Results section, that ID is already in use. You will need to select a different ID. Try different number/letter combinations until you get the message, "No values match this search."
C. Make Note of Your New ID Click the Create New button in the upper right corner of the lookup screen. Proceed to Step 2.


Process a Billing ID Document

  What to do How to do it
A. Start the Billing ID Document
  1. Enter a Description in the Document Overview tab (this text will appear on Decision Support reports and can be used in a document search).
B. Enter the New Billing ID Code
  1. Enter your new 4-character Billing ID, and Tab out of the field.
C. Finish the Document
  1. Enter the chart in the COA field.
  2. Enter the account in the Account field.
  3. Enter a Sub Account, if you want one associated with this billing ID.
  4. Enter a Project Code, if you want one associated with this billing ID.
  5. Modify the Effective Date, if desired. The default is the current date, which can be changed to any future date. Note: using a future date will prevent the ID number from being used until the date specified.
  6. Enter an Expiration Date. The expiration date for the billing ID should not exceed the expiration date for the account being used. If the account has an expiration date, use that date. If the account does not have a specific expiration date, you can leave the expiration date on the Billing ID BLANK.
  7. Enter any Comments regarding this billing ID. The contents of this field will appear in the Billing ID Lookup (74) in Decision Support.
  8. Click Submit to complete and approve the document.