Deactivate a Billing ID

Use this step-by-step guide to deactivate a Billing ID.

  What to do How to do it
A. Things to Remember
  1. It is best to wait 3-4 weeks after using a billing ID before de-activating it. This will give the service unit(s) plenty of time to complete their transaction(s).
  2. A billing ID should be deactivated before the associated account is set to expire.
B. Start the Billing ID Document
  1. Select the Billing ID document in the Chart of Accounts channel from the Main Menu.
  2. On the Billing ID Lookup, enter the billing ID and click on the Search button; in the search results, click on the Edit link.
  3. Enter a Description in the Document Overview tab (this text will appear on Decision Support reports).
C. Finish the Document
  1. Enter an Expiration Date. Use today's date if you want the billing ID to expire immediately.
  2. Click Submit to complete and approve the document.