Handling a University-Related Event Account

Step-by-step instructions to establish and manage a university-related event account

  Steps What's Involved
  1   Determine if you have a university-related event/activity.
  1. Review university-related event list
  2. Define incoming money
  3. If not a university-related account, determine account type needed
  2   Set up university-related event account(s).
  1. Identify the fund number
  2. Process Kuali Financial System (KFS) Account document(s)
 3  Manage the university-related event account.
  1. Prepare a current budget using the KFS Budget Adjustment (BA) document
  2. Understand the rules
  3. Collect fees
  4. Ensure the account is not in overdraft at the end of the event/activity
  5. Create a KFS BA document (current budget) at the end of the event to match actual expenditures
  6. Make remaining adjustments as needed