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General Ledger Review (GLR)

What is General Ledger Review (GLR) and why is it important?

General Ledger Review is the process of analyzing your department's ledger transactions to provide reasonable assurance that the charges and credits are valid. In addition, the reviewer verifies that transactions are appropriate and that they are compliant with all applicable policies and regulations. Ledger review differs from the financial management of your account(s).

As a recipient of funds from a variety of sources, the university must demonstrate to public and private organizations, taxpayers, donors, and anyone else who provides us with funding that we are using the money as intended. Ledger review impacts the university's annual financial schedules and provides accurate information for further financial analysis to occur at higher departmental, divisional, school, and college levels.

The official university ledgers consist of the FIS Decision Support Transaction Listing (2) and the Payroll Expense Distribution Report (339).

How often must ledgers be reviewed?

Ledgers must be reviewed at least once every month, per Policy 330-11.

Who performs ledger review?

Fiscal Officers and MSOs (or equivalent positions - CAOs, Managers) perform ledger review monthly. A member of the Dean's Office is required to perform ledger review quarterly.

Systems Used for Ledger Review

For ledger review through June Final 2015, the General Ledger Review System (GLRS) was used.  For ledger review effective with the July 2015 ledgers, the Analytical Ledger Review (ALR) is used.


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