Organization Management Fields

As part of the Ledger Review process implemented in 2015, an additional section, Organization Management, was added to the Organization Document.

This section will only display for organizations with the following Organization Type Codes.  For all other Organization Type Codes, these fields will not display.

  • R: Central Managed Accounts
  • V: Vice-Chancellor
  • S: School or College
  • N: Division
  • D: Department
  • G: Department Group

Organization Type Codes of RV, or S

For these the following fields will display. These fields identify the persons who can complete the Quarterly Ledger Review (QLR)

  • Dean/Vice Chancellor User ID
  • Assistant Dean User ID
  • Budget Analyst User ID
  • BIA Analyst User ID

deans office org management

Organization Type Codes of N, D, or G

For organizations the following field will display.  This field identifies the person who can complete the monthly Management Ledger Review (MLR).  

NOTE: Organizations with Organization Type Code of N do not complete ledger review, as there are no accounts assigned to these specific organizations.

  • MSO User ID

org management MSO

NOTE: There is also an Organization Manager Principal Name field in the Edit Organization Code section of the Organization document, but this information is NOT used in any way by the Ledger Review System:

Orgmanager field

At a future date, search options will be added to the Organization Lookup (49) in FIS Decision Support (DS) that will give users the ability to search on these Organization Management fields.