Processing Instructions

Use these step-by-step instructions to process transactions in the Effort Commitment system.

Commitments for Principal Investigators and key personnel on federal and non-federal sponsored projects should be entered.


What to do

How to do it



Log into the system.

  1. Accessible in FIS Decision Support by clicking on the FIS Web Applications link.











Enter the Effort Commitment information.

  1. Click on the Effort Commitment link.

  2. On the Effort Commitment Maintenance search screen, enter the UC Fund or account number. Note: If searching by the Faculty Name field only, keep in mind that the individual may be listed on several different cost share accounts. The search results may include information that is not relevant for your particular entry.

  3. On the Effort Commitment Maintenance entry screen, all fields are required, except for the account field. Lookups can be performed by clicking on the button next to the entry field. This screen should be used to enter commitments on sponsored projects. Commitments can be entered to two decimal places though effort reporting is in whole numbers only.

  4. The start and end dates should reflect the award budget period.

  5. If entering an account, it must be assigned to the same UC Fund that is listed in the header section of the screen.

  6. Direct charged and cost shared effort commitments should be entered and recorded as such in the Type field.

  7. You can enter both awarded (active) and pending cost share transactions; however, you are only required to enter awarded transactions. Note: If entering pending transactions, use UC Fund 00000, not the UC Fund that may be awarded. Once the award is official, the actual UC Fund should be indicated.

Note: To commit changes, click the Save Changes button. Changes are not recorded until the Save Changes button is pressed.

The Effort Commitment system automatically logs when changes were made and who made the changes.