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VPN Requirements

Connecting to DESII and SIS DS requires a VPN Connection with the 'Full-Tunnel' option. 

Library VPN & FOA VPN are defaulted to full-tunnel, therefore, they support DESII and SIS DS access.

The Campus VPN, however, is defaulted to 'split-tunnel'. Campus VPN users have an option to set up another campus VPN with full-tunnel (do not accept the default setting ‘split-tunnel’), or to remove the current VPN connection and recreate it (change the default ‘split-tunnel’ to ‘full-tunnel’).

VPN is not required to access DESII or SIS DS when working on-campus and using a wired network connection. However, when connected to ANY Wi-Fi (off-campus or Eduroam) users will need to connect to a VPN to access SIS DS.

Helpful links:

Instructions on how to setup or connect to the Campus VPN:

Installing Ivanti (formerly known as Pulse Secure VPN) on Windows (and connecting to Library VPN):

Installing Ivanti (formerly known as Pulse Secure VPN) on Mac (and connecting to Library VPN):

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