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Financial Holds

A number of situations and requirements may result in a hold placed on your student account and records. 

Many departments on campus can place holds on a student’s account. 

Below is a list of holds that Student Accounting may use to indicate issues with your account. To find out if you have any holds on your account please visit MyUCDavis

Financial Hold


How to Resolve

ZA Holds registration, transcripts, and diploma. 
This hold indicates you have an amount past due on your student account or a recent payment was returned for insufficient funds. 

If an amount is past due, you must pay the amount owed to bring your account current. 
If the hold is due to a returned payment (check or e-check), the returned amount and the returned check fee must be covered with guaranteed funds.

*Release of the hold is subject to our past due hold release policy.

ZD Holds registration, transcripts, and diploma.
This hold indicates that one or more of your institutional loans serviced by Heartland ECSI (not a Federal Direct Loan) is past due.

You can access your account, make a payment and determine entitlement eligibility (deferment/forbearance) online at Heartland ECSI or by contacting ECSI directly at (888) 549-3274.  Once your account is current you may contact Student Accounting at 530-752-3646 or email to have your hold released.

*Release of the hold is subject to our past due hold release policy.

If one or more of your loan accounts is more than 5 months past due, those accounts will have been sent to one of our contracted collection agencies and will no longer be visible on the Heartland ECSI website. Contact Heartland ECSI (888-549-3274) for further information regarding the agency your account is placed with.

ZF Holds registration and transcripts.
This hold indicates that exit counseling is required for one or more institutional loans.

If the hold start date is prior to 7/31/2017, please contact the Student Accounting Office ( or 530-752-5870) for more information on how to complete the requirement.
If the hold start date is after 7/31/2017, please login to your Heartland ECSI account and complete the outstanding exit requirement in the documents section of each outstanding UC Davis loan.

Holds are released within two business days after the requirement has been completed.


Holds registration and transcripts.

This hold indicates that paper exit counseling is required for one or more institutional loans.

Exit requirement details were emailed to your UCD email at the time the hold was established.

If you have any questions please contact Student Accounting Office ( or 530-752-5870)

Holds are released within two business days after the completed paperwork has been received in our office.

ZP Holds transcripts.
There are either missing or incomplete documents in your loan file.
These documents will be provided by the Financial Aid office. The hold will indicate the phone number for the person in Financial Aid you will need to contact to resolve this requirement. 
ZT Holds registration and transcripts.
Each year, all qualified non-resident aliens will receive an email regarding the necessity of updating their immigration and tax status via the GLACIER system.
Please follow the instructions provided in the email to get the hold released. Additional information on Glacier and how to complete your record online is available at GLACIER.
ZU Holds registration, transcripts and diploma.
Indicates an amount is owed on your student account that is no longer being actively billed.
You will need to contact our office by emailing or calling (530)752-3646 for further information regarding your account.

Holds registration, transcripts and ability to make e-check payments on Mybill

This hold is the result of at least 3 returned electronic payment transactions (echecks) via MyBill.

If the transaction was rejected by the bank due to insufficient funds, payment must be made in guaranteed funds. Once payment has been made in guaranteed funds the student may contact Student Accounting to have the ZZ hold removed.

If the transaction was rejected by the bank due to human error/incorrect banking information being entered multiple times, the student will need to contact Student Accounting so that our office can guide the student to being able to successfully complete the online transaction.

Note: Any account with five or more return electronic check payments due to insufficient funds will automatically and permanently have the electronic check payment option on their MyBill revoked as well as barring acceptance of personal checks on campus.