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Administrators Responsibilities | Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services

1. Authority and Responsibility

Major responsibilities that cannot be delegated:

  • Occupational Health will set standards for medical care, preventive services and ongoing medical surveillance.
  • Medical providers follow the Campus Modified Duty – Return to Work policy.
  • Occupational Health provides medical care for injured workers, unless prior delegation of this authority has been determined.
  • Occupational Health sets standards of medical care for the campus prevention program.
  • Occupational Health maintains medical records in accordance to state and federal policies.
  • Occupational Health administers the UC WorkStrong program.

Roles of Administrative Officials

  • Maintaining HIPAA Compliance in the release and handling of medical records.
  • Compliance with reporting requirements to the Department of Transportation.
  • Solicit advice from Occupational Health before introducing a potential new health hazard to campus.

2. Delegations

Major responsibilities that can be delegated:

  • Employees should be referred to Occupational Health for treatment unless employee previously elected treatment through the Designation of Physician form.
  • When Occupational Health is not staffed, patients may be directed to Woodland Healthcare or Sutter Davis Emergency Room.
  • Occupational Health manages the respiratory fit program, the DOT program, and the Ergonomics Program

3. Areas of Potential Risks

  • In any patient care setting, malpractice claims become a potential risk issue.
  • Failure of compliance with regulatory agencies (AAALAC, NIH, Cal-OSHA, etc.) may result in loss of program accreditation.

4. Resources