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Merchant Account Types

The following is a list of credit card acceptance types:



SAQ A Card-not-present Merchants: All Cardholder Data Functions Fully Outsourced - PCI requirements (22)
SAQ A-EP Partially Outsourced E-Commerce Merchants Using a Third-Party Website for Payment Processing - PCI requirements (193)
SAQ B Merchants with only Standalone, Dial-out Terminals – No Electronic Cardholder Data Storage - PCI requirements (41)
SAQ C Merchants with Payment Application Systems Connected to the Internet – No Electronic Data Storage - PCI requirements (162)
SAQ C-VT Merchants with Web-Based Virtual Payment Terminals – No Electronic Data Storage - PCI requirements (81)
SAQ D All other SAQ Eligible Merchants (includes Point of Sale Systems) - PCI requirements (332)
SAQ-P2PE Merchants using Hardware Payment Terminals in a PCI SCC-Listed P2PE Solution Only – No Electronic Cardholder Data Storage - PCI requirements (33)