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Process an Organization Document

Process an Organization Document

  What to do How to do it
A. Start the Organization Document
  1. Select the Organization document from the Main MenuChart of Accounts channel. From here, you can search for an existing organization to edit or copy or you can click on the Create New button to create a new organization from scratch. The instructions below are for creating a new organization from scratch. (When editing/copying an organization, the old/current information will be on the left side of the screen and the new information should be entered on the right side of the screen.)
  2. Enter a Description in the header area (this text will appear on FIS Decision Support reports).
B. Enter the Organization Code
  1. Enter your Chart Code and tab to the next field.
  2. Enter a 4-character organization code, and tab out of the field.
C. Finish the Document
  1. You will need to insert the correct information for your new organization into the following fields:
  • Chart Code and Organization Code
  • Organization Name
  • Organization Manager
  • Organization Type
  • Begin Date
  • End Date (if applicable)
  • Reports to Chart Code
  • Reports to Organization
  • Home Department Code
  • Organization Physical Campus Code (DV for Davis)
  • Address Information (Organization Address, Organization Postal Code, Organization Country Code)
  • Active Indicator

2. The Organization Management section identifies the Management Services Officer (MSO) or Dean's Office staff for certain specific organization types.  See the Organization Management page to learn more about when the fields will appear and what information should be entered.

3. In the Edit Purchasing/Accounts Payable Info section, complete the purchasing contact and billing information that will default on Requisitions created for that organization.

4. Click Submit to route the Organization document for approval. Your document will then route to any existing organization review hierarchies for approval.