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Understanding UC Location, System Administrative Unit (SAU), Account, and Fund

All financial activity at each of the 10 UC campuses is reported to the UC Office of the President (OP), which uses the information to create annual financial reports.

These reports, which fit a standardized reporting format used by all colleges and universities, enable other institutions as well as the public to compare financial data.

Note: UC Location, Account, and Fund are sometimes indicated with an "OP" (UC Office of President) reference rather than the "UC" reference.

The University of California uses a central accounting system to compile the annual financial reports. Every campus has its own accounting system, and must provide expenditure information to the OP in a format that is compatible with the central accounting system. At Davis, we provide the information to OP by using four fields on the Account document in the Financial System: UC Location, UC Account, and UC Fund.

UC Location

  • One-character
  • 3 or L only - The Davis campus is Location 3. Also used at Davis is Location L to designate Ag and Natural Resources (ANR) and for some other university-wide accounts

System Administrative Unit (SAU)

  • One character; required field for budget information. Indicates whether the account is one of the following:
    • 0 - Campus
    • 4 - Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
    • 5 - University-Wide Academic Programs

KFS derives the SAU code on the Account document from the Chart and from the UC Account.

UC Account

  • Six digits (numeric only)
  • First two digits represent the Higher Education Function Code and answer the question "What is the intended purpose of the funds?"
Function Code First Two Digits
Instruction or Department Research (INST) 40 or 61
Teaching Hospital (TEHS) 42
Academic Support (ACAD) 43 or 60
Organized Research (ORES) 44-59
Libraries (LIBR) 60
UC Davis Extension (UNEX) 61
Public Service (PBSV) 62
Maintenance of Physical Plant (MOPP) 64
Institutional Support (INSP) 66 or 72
Student Services (STAC) 68
Auxiliary Enterprises (AUX) 76
Student Financial Aid-Undergrad (FINA) 77-78
Student Financial Aid-Grad (FINA) 79
Agency Accounts (PROV) 80
  • Second two digits represent the School or College
School of College Second Two Digits
Grad Sch of Management 01
Biological Sciences 10
Law 36
Medicine 48-49
Campus Wide Programs 76-77
Summer Session 99
Ag & Environmental Sciences 03-04
Engineering 24-27
Letters and Science 40-42
Veterinary Medicine 72-74


  • Third two digits represent your department
    For example, Electrical and Computer Engineering is 25

Therefore, an account for "instruction" for the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering would be 402425.

Note: Not all departments have their "own" last two numbers. You may need to refer to other UC accounts your department has previously used. Use the Account Lookup (11) in FIS Decision Support (DS) for assistance.

When working on an Account document in the Kuali Financial System (KFS), you can look up the correct UC Account by clicking on the lookup icon next to the UC Account field. Enter the Organization Code for your department on the search screen and click on the Search button. The result will be all the UC Account numbers assigned to your department.

If you are not in an Account document and you want to look at a list of all your UC Account numbers, you can run the Account Lookup (11) in FIS Decision Support. Enter your highest-level organization code for your department and click Process Query. You will get a list of all your accounts. The 4th column is the UC Account.

To select the correct UC Account for a new account, correlate the purpose of the new account, with the function of the UC Account. For example, if the account source document provides funds for instruction or departmental research, select a 40xxyy account. If the funds are for sponsored research, select a 44xxyy account. If you determine that you do not have a UC Account for the function of the account, contact General Accounting.

Once established for a KFS account, UC accounts generally should not be changed.

UC Fund

  • 5 digits (numeric only)
  • This identifies who is providing the funding to your department and is found on the account source document. Each fund source is unique in our accounting system. You may receive funding from any of the following sources:
    • Another department
    • Dean or Vice Chancellor
    • Another campus
    • State of California institutional support
    • An outside entity in a contractual relationship (contracts & grants)
    • Self-supporting income through charging approved rates

For the purposes of completing an Account document, first review the source document awarding the money to your department. In the case of items 1-4 above, the source document will provide you with the UC fund number. You will enter that number directly on the Account document.

For item 5 above, the UC fund will be established by Extramural Accounting. See the Guide on Creating an Extramural Account for more information and instructions.

For item 6 above, you must first have an approved self-supporting rate from your Dean's/Vice Chancellor's office and then you must contact General Accounting to establish a new self-supporting fund number.

If you want to review a list of the various fund sources for your department, you can search most easily by using the Contracts and Grants Account Lookup (198) in Decision Support. Enter your organization code, then in the Account Lookup Sort field, click on Sub Fund Group. Next, click Process Query. The results will be a listing of your departmental accounts, sorted by the type of UC fund. UC funds are also listed in Account Lookup (11), 5th column.

Note: Once a UC Fund has been established for an account, it should not be changed.