Bulk Copy of Sub-Accounts and Sub-Objects

Bulk Copy allows you to assign a group of sub-accounts and/or sub-objects at one time.

When setting up a new account or modifying an existing account, you may want to assign that account to a group of existing sub-accounts or sub-objects already assigned to other active accounts in your department. To assign that account to each sub-account and sub-object one at a time would be a time-intensive and tedious process so the Bulk Copy functionality is most useful.


  1. On the Bulk Copy Operations tab (towards the bottom of the Account document), click on the Show button.
  2. Enter the account (Source Chart and Source Account Number) for which you wish to copy (assign) sub-accounts and sub-objects.
  3. Check the box(es) for Copy Sub-Accounts and/or Copy Sub-Objects as appropriate.
  4. The number of sub-accounts and sub-objects to be copied will display after the document is submitted.

Please Note:

  • You can use the bulk copy functionality when creating a new account or when editing an existing account.
  • Only active sub-accounts and active current fiscal year sub-objects will be copied.
  • Existing sub-accounts and sub-objects already assigned to the account will not be overridden.
  • Once your document has received the necessary approvals, the copied sub-accounts and/or sub-objects will be assigned to and available for use on your account. No waiting overnight for the sub-accounts and sub-objects to be available for use!
  • The source chart and account are only used as a template for copying purposes. The sub-accounts and/or sub-objects assigned to the source chart and account are not affected in any way.