Benefit Diversion Accounts

The Benefit Diversion Accounts section of the Account document should only be completed when you are entering or modifying a Contracts and Grants funded account* and the sponsored agreement specifically indicates that the account does not allow benefits to be expensed.

This section allows you to enter the specific types of benefits and the account(s) to which you would like to divert the benefits.

benefit diversion

"Benefits" refer to UC-sponsored health and welfare benefits, including, but not limited to, employee medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans. Visit the UC Human Resources and Benefits website for more information on the UC-offered benefits.

Entering An Appropriate Benefit Diversion Object Level

The Benefit Diversion Object Level indicates the "type" of benefits that are to be diverted. The benefit diversion Chart Code should be assigned to the same chart of accounts as the main account. This code will default, and should not be changed, or an error message will display.

There are four (4) different object levels that can be entered in the Object Level field:

Object Level Description Object Code
BENF Employee Benefits SUB6**
GFEE Graduate Fee Remission 8590
GSHP Graduate Student Health Insurance 8570
NRTR Non-Resident Tuition Remission 8970


  • You will receive an error message if you try to enter a different object level code from the ones listed above.
  • You are only allowed to enter one object level per account. In other words, if you enter one diversion account for object level BENF, you cannot enter another diversion account for the same object level BENF.
  • If you specify only one of the object levels listed above, the others will continue to be charged to the main account. For example, if you only specify BENF for benefit diversion, the other 3 object levels (GFEE, GSHP, and NRTR) would continue to be charged to the main account.

Entering an Appropriate Benefit Diversion Account

In the Benefit Diversion Accounts section, you will be required to indicate an account or accounts to which you wish the benefits to be charged.

  • The benefit diversion account(s) should be assigned to the same Diversion Chart Code as the main account. In other words, a chart 3 account would have a chart 3 benefit chart code. This code will default, and should not be changed, or an error message will display.
  • The benefit diversion account should NOT be assigned to a different sponsored agreement.

After you have entered the Object Level and account information, you should click the Add button. This will "commit" the data, and will allow you to enter additional benefit types and accounts as needed.

Editing or Removing a Benefit Diversion Account

If you need to make changes to the diversion object level/account in the future, you should complete another Account document, uncheck the Active indicator, and then complete a new entry for the object level/account to which you want diversions to occur.

Searching for Accounts With Benefit Diversion Accounts

There is a Diversion Object Level field on the Account Lookup screen. Enter one of the 4 object levels listed above (BENF, GFEE, GSHP, NRTR), along with your departmental organization code, and you will see any accounts in your department that have a benefit diversion account established.

Expired Benefit Diversion Accounts

If a benefit diversion account expires, KFS will not apply continuation account logic; in other words, the benefits will post to the main account. It is important to occasionally check that any benefit diversion accounts are not expired.

Exceptions or Questions

Contact the Fund Manager in Contracts & Grants Accounting assigned to your department with questions.


*The Sub-Fund Group Type Codes that allow benefits to be diverted are in the CGWFEDAPP roll-up:

  • B (Federal Appropriations)
  • C (Federal Contracts)
  • F (Federal Grants)
  • J (Private Contracts)
  • L (Local Government)
  • N (State Government FFT)
  • P (Private Grants)
  • S (State Government)
  • V (Local Government FFT)
  • W (Private Grants FFT)
  • X (Private Contracts FFT)

**There are many other object codes that report to Object Level BENF; run the Object Lookup (14) in FIS Decision Support (DS) for a complete list.