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Course Materials & Services Fees (CMSF) and Misc. Fees

Information regarding approval of Course Materials & Services Fees and Miscellaneous Fees.

Course Materials and Services Fees

New and revised Course Materials and Services Fees may be implemented only in fall quarters. To have fees approved in time to be published in the Class Schedule and the Course Catalog for Fall 2020, the review process will begin in Fall 2020. 

Colleges/divisions proposals submissions deadline for review by the CMSF and Miscellaneous Fees Committee and for approval by Chancellor for Fall 2021 implementation has yet to be determined.

Below is a sample of 2020-21 CMSF call letter.

2020-21 Year Call Letter


Miscellaneous Fees

Chancellors are authorized to establish and set fee levels for miscellaneous student fees (e.g., user fees) and deposits.  Below are some examples:

Due date for proposals for miscellaneous student fees for 2021-22 implementation has yet to be determined. 

Below is sample of 2020-21 Miscellaneous Fees call letter.

2020-21 Year Call Letter

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