529 College Savings Plan Payments

529 Payments at UC Davis

Students and/or parents should contact their 529 plan administrator directly and follow their process to make a withdrawal. Please allow for sufficient time to process the payment and have it mailed to the university.

Make check payable to:

UC Regents, clearly marked with the student's name and UCD student ID number.

Mail check to:

UC Davis Payment Lockbox
PO Box 743168
Los Angeles, CA 90074-3168

Many 529 College Savings plans now have a digital distribution option (electronic ACH) which saves time and improves transparency with real-time payment tracking. When requesting a withdrawal from your plan, check with your plan administrator to see if a digital distribution option is available.

Payment Posting

Payments from 529 plans are posted to the student account within one business day of receipt. For questions regarding a 529 plan payment, please contact Campus Cashiering at cashier@ucdavis.edu or call (530) 752-0460.

Excess Distributions

If there is an excess distribution resulting in a credit balance on the student account, the credit balance will be refunded to the student. Please refer to Publication 970 and consult your tax advisor or 529 plan administrator regarding the excess funds and tax implications.