Account Processes | Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Account Name: Refrain from Using Special Characters

Avoid using special characters in the Account Name field. Colons and dashes are fine, but other punctuation or characters (? , ! @ / " ~ ' ^)  can cause formatting issues when returning results to a spreadsheet in FIS Decision Support (DS). It's best to use only letters and numbers in your account names.

Assign Account to Correct Organization Type

When selecting an organization to which to assign the account, please refrain from assigning it to an organization with Organization Type N - Division. This organization type is primarily for reference and hierarchy purposes, not for account assignment.

Changing Fund Numbers on Accounts

The UC Fund is a five-digit number representing the source of funding for an account. A list of all the valid fund numbers can be found in the UC Fund Number reference table.  Each UC Fund Number also has a title and a sub-fund group, which help to further describe the fund source. If a UC Fund Number is changed, reporting problems can result, requiring lengthy research and cleanup.

Assign Delegates to a New Account

One or more delegates should always be established for an account as soon as it is approved.

Special Search Instructions When Results Exceed the Amount Allowed

Sometimes, the number of accounts you are looking for exceeds the number of results allowed for a search (500). When this happens, you might need to perform multiple searches to retrieve all the data you are looking for:

  • You can use the "greater than" wildcard (>) to locate the next set of results in the series of accounts. For example, if the last account retrieved in a search was account PRTY532, you could perform another search, and enter >PRTY532 in the Account Number field to retrieve the next set of accounts that follow that account in the search results.
  • Default search sort order: Accounts that start with a number appear before the accounts that start with a letter. In other words:
    • If you entered >A in the Account Number field, this would return all accounts that start with letter A and continue through all accounts that begin with the letter Z. Any accounts that begin with a number would not be retrieved, since they precede the accounts that begin with a letter.
    • If you entered >0, this would return all accounts that start with a number and continue with all the accounts that begin with a letter.