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UC General Funds

UC General Funds are in SFGT 3 and include the following funds:

  • 19933: This fund is made up of indirect cost recovery generated from state contracts and grants and a portion of federal contracts and grants; the remainder of indirect cost recovery funds are included in OP Fund 07427.
  • 19941: These funds are primarily comprised of application fees, as well as various other miscellaneous fees, such as late payment fees, returned check collection fee, library fines, and forfeited admissions deposits, among others. 
  • 19942: Non Resident Supplemental Tuition are generated from student fees.


Funds should be used for the purpose specified by the allocation/award.  UCD and UCOP policies must be followed.  State General Fund restrictions do not apply to UC General Funds.

Sub Fund Group Types

3 - UC General Funds

Sub-Fund Group Description

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy alcohol on UC General Funds?
  • It is not recommended for you to use UC General Funds to buy alcohol.  Although these funds do not have the same restrictions as State General Funds, you should consider whether buying alcohol is the best use of these funds.
  • How is the Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) allocated?
  • Please see Budget Models for additional information on how ICR is allocated.

    Please note, each dean's office allocates the ICR differently.  Contact your dean's office staff for questions on ICR allcoations in your department.