Optional Reporting Attributes

Optional reporting attributes such as sub accounts, sub objects, and projects.

Sub Accounts

Sub Account is a 1-5 character (alphanumeric) code related to Account. Sub Accounts allow departments to sub divide accounts into meaningful sections. Sub Accounts are tied to a specific account but the same sub account can be used across multiple accounts. Examples include different parts of a program, different courses or sections in a course, faculty member expenses or faculty start-up funding.

More about Sub Accounts can be found in the Kuali document help section under Sub Accounts.

Sub Objects

Sub Object is a three-character (alphanumeric) code related to an object code. Sub objects allow departments to further define an object code. Sub objects are tied to specific objects and accounts. For example, some departments consider Object Code 2000 (IN STATE TRAVEL) too general. To provide more details about that object code, they create sub-objects such as CAR, LOD, and AIR to represent car rental, lodging, and airfare, respectively. Whenever they create KFS transactions using this object code, they also enter the corresponding sub-objects.

More about Sub Objects can be found in the Kuali document help section under Sub Objects


Project is a 1-9 character (alphanumeric) code that is not directly tied to other codes (like sub account and sub object). That means it can be used across organizations, fund sources and accounts without there being a direct tie.

More about Projects can be found in the Kuali document help section under Projects.


Bulk Copy of Sub-Accounts/Sub-Objects