Tableau Desktop

Tableau is a powerful analytics platform that can be used to provide interactive, visual analysis of even the most complex sets of data. 

If you are interested in exploring what the world of data analytics can offer to your department, downloading a trial copy of Tableau is a great place to start. Due to compatibility requirements with AggieDash, please make sure to download Tableau's trial version that is current with our UCD servers. To learn what version we are currently on visit our AggieDash section. Tableau's 14-day trial period will give enough time to familiarize your data analytics team with Tableau and decide on a path forward. More information on licensing

Training & Resources

With hours of video and accompanying workbooks, the free Tableau Training and Tutorials page is a great place to start when getting familiar with the software. Topics include Getting Started with Tableau, Connecting to Data, Visual Analytics, Calculations and more.

Online Tableau resources:

Tableau & AggieDash

For tutorials specific to AggieDash and for tips and tricks that our team has found useful and interesting, feel free to explore our Tableau Tips and Tricks page. If you need help with your Tableau development work, please email Institutional Analysis.

UC Davis Slack:

  • Slack Channel: #tableauchat
  • Slack Group: #tableauchats: This is an informal group of Tableau users – we chat, we seek and provide advice, sometimes we even meet in person and grab a cup of coffee.


Under UC's licensing agreement (valid through December 2022), partners have one option for paying for Tableau:

Subscription TypeInvestmentSample Quotes
SubscriptionFixed yearly payment of $504.Sample Quote

For your copy of Tableau, please click here. Due to compatibility requirements with AggieDash, please make sure to download Tableau Desktop version that is current with our UCD servers. For further questions about getting started, please contact our head Tableau representatives, Samuel Fishman ( and Trevia Knight (

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