Reappropriation of Account Balances during Fiscal Close

Reappropriation of Account Balances during Fiscal Close

Description Reappropriations (Doc Type = ACLO - Annual Close)

General Funds, Student Fees, Special State Appropriations funds

The expense account balances at fiscal year-end roll forward as beginning balances in the Appropriations column of FIS DS reports

Self-Supporting Activities (includes University Related Event accounts)

Balances for most of these activities are not carried forward in the same Full Accounting Unit (FAU). During fiscal close (early August), expense account balances typically close to provision accounts, appearing as Object Consolidation SUB8. They can then be moved back (budgetarily) from the provision account to the original expense accounts.

Provision accounts are labeled PR + the UC Fund # (e.g., the provision account for UC Fund 66016 is PR66016).

Follow these instructions for locating self-supporting/reserve funds that close like general funds (i.e., they automatically reappropriate to the same FAU).

  1. In KFS navigation menu Jump To field, type UC Fund.
  2. In the UC Fund Number field, enter 6* or, if you want to see self-supporting reserve funds, enter 7*.
  3. In the GL Close Rule field, enter GENFND.
  4. Click the Search button.

Contracts & Grants

Current Budget FAU and Object Consolidation - includes full history of the grant (budget and expenditures). The entire project budget and expenditures to date for these expense accounts roll forward into the respective columns.

All Other Activities

Current Budget FAU and Object Consolidation