KFS FT Import Templates

Each KFS Financial Transaction (FT) document has a template for importing data.

For most documents, you will need to do a separate import for each section of the document (From and To sections).

  1. Select the appropriate import template below.
  2. Review the instructions on the spreadsheet template, and make sure that you enter ALL required data.
  3. Delete ALL rows with instructional text. Your spreadsheet should contain ONLY data.
  4. Save the file as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. Do NOT enter commas or otherwise modify the data when you save the file in the CSV format.
  5. Click the Import Lines button on your document.
  6. Click Browse to locate the file and click Add to import the file.

NOTE: Refer to the online training module, Performing Budget Adjustments, class code Kualification_07 in the UC Learning Center for more information on using the import templates. Slide #10, Accounting Lines Tab, of the training discusses the import template feature.

Specific Document Templates

Please note that the General Error Correction document does NOT have the Import Lines functionality from a spreadsheet, since the import of data occurs directly on the document.

ADVISORY: If working with codes that start with a 0 (zero), please enter an apostrophe before the code, or the leading zeros will be "dropped" when the data is imported into the document.