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Index of Terms


Bar code

A bar code is a machine-readable pattern of dark and light elements in which data is encoded. The data can include numbers, alphanumeric characters, special characters, and other information. Reading bar codes is one of the most accurate methods for capturing data from document images.

Batch Manager

  • Batch Manager shows the status of all batches in the system
  • Creating new batches
  • Editing batch properties
  • Deleting batches
  • Unrejecting batches
  • Review history information and check error details of any batch in the system

Batch Classes

A batch class describes how the documents in a batch will be processed by Kofax Capture.


A set of pages which would normally be filed together

Document Prep

Remove staples and other clips, unfold corners and creases, insert separator sheets between documents


Electronic Document Management System

EDMS Help Desk

Supports end‐users with imaging and retrieval questions or problems


Images are copied to permanent storage and index data is written to a database or back-end document management system.


Intelligent Character Recognition

The ability of software to recognize hand printed characters and translate them into computer-readable data. With Kofax Capture, you can use zonal ICR processing for data capture and/or form identification.


Use Kofax to index scanned documents


The process of adding previously stored images or settings to Kofax Capture. Images that have been previously scanned and saved can be imported into a batch. Batch class settings that have been previously exported can be imported into the Administration module.


values assigned to an imaged document for searching and retrieval

Oracle IPM

The software which manages storage and retrieval of documents


The software which manages scanning and indexing of documents

List of Batches

The main Batch Manager screen contains a list of all the batches currently in the system. The list includes Batch Name, Batch Class, Creation Date, Queue, Status


Has the right to delete documents from the system


Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The process by which computers can interpret handwritten characters or other marks in an image and convert them to computer usable data


An individual page of a document

Remote Sync Agent

Remote workstation software used to synchronize Kofax Capture batch processing activity between the central site and the remote configuration.

Right click on the ‘RSA Windows System Tray icon’ to display the RSA menu


Uses Oracle web-based software to search for and retrieve scanned documents





Scan Operator

Feed batches of documents through scanner, check that documents are imaged correctly, perform regular maintenance on scanner

Scan Station




Separator Sheet

A page which tells the scanner to start a new document – this page is not imaged


The Validation module is used to enter or validate index data and associate it with a document.


The Verification module is used to verify the integrity of the index data entered in the Validation module. In the Verification module, the index data for the same document is entered by a different operator. Then, the values are compared with the first set of index values. If the values match, they are assumed to be correct. If the values do not match, a verification error occurs.


VirtualReScan (VRS)

A Kofax product that provides an electronic quality control checkpoint for scanned images. VRS is available either as a software application or as a hardware accessory for scanners