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UAT Orientation for testers

Everyone who volunteered to participate in week two of the user acceptance testing for AggieBudget’s forecasting functionality was invited to a Zoom Orientation on 8/3/20. Read on for a link to the recording as well as basic information about testing protocols.

Testers should have received invites to the orientation and some drop-in hours for this week. For those who could not attend the orientation on Monday morning, or who want to review it, we recorded the Zoom orientation for your reference.

The drop-in hours are optional. Team members will be available during the entire scheduled drop-in time to answer any questions. Please feel free to pop into the zoom call at any time. You can also stay on the call while testing if you prefer. If you miss the drop-in hours, you can always send any questions to the help desk at

Basic guidelines for testing

Each person received the test scripts for their assigned scenario. The test scripts contain several tabs. “Getting Started” has some things to remember and a reminder about the URL to the testing environment. you will need. The green tab (or tabs) contains the actual test scripts. The “Exploratory Test Issues Log” can be used for any testing, issue, or feedback you would like to share that is not part of the standard test scripts. The remaining tabs are reference tabs that may help you complete the tests.

Your test scripts contain many tests for thorough testing of complex functionality. However, you may find that some tests do not apply to your unit; please skip any tests that you believe do not apply and mark the test as “N/A” in the “Approved (Y/N)” column.  

If you have any tests that do not meet your approval, be sure to provide as much information as possible about the plan file you were working in, including the account (group), and budget group where the issue appeared, so that we may recreate the issue for remediation. Screen shots are also really helpful. (You can attach them to your test script file, or attach to your email when you send us your completed script, at aggiebudget

The AggieBudget team thanks you for volunteering your time for this testing. Because of the impact forecasting has on the functionality of both forecasting and budgeting cycles, every volunteer makes a difference. Finding issues or providing general feedback is expected and appreciated.