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New Features Added to the AggieBudget Interface

The AggieBudget interface has been updated to provide users with new tools for finding reports and help documents and to simplify system navigation. (None of these changes affect plan files.)

Web Client Navigation

The gray menu bar previously used to access various AggieBudget tools and reports has been replaced with a simple menu button.

AggieBudget Web Client Navigation Screen Capture

Updated AggieBudget User Interface

Reports Library

Reports have been organized into their own searchable library with quick filters that allow you to more quickly find the information you need.

To open the improved reports library, click the menu button in the web client, then click “Report Library”. The reports library allows you to search for reports or browse through them by category. Note that Analytical and Budget Process reports previously found in the menu bar are now organized under the “Financial” category.

AggieBudget Reports Library Screen Capture

AggieBudget Reports Library

Help Library

The new “Help Documents” library works much like the new Reports Library, providing you with the ability to search for help documents as well as browse through the growing library of support content available.

AggieBudget Help Library Screen Capture

AggieBudget Help Document Library

Accessing Desktop Clients

The Windows and Excel clients can be launched by clicking the quick launch button. (Most people just call it the rocket ship.)

Screen capture of the AggieBudget launch button containing a rocket ship icon