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AggieBudget project reaches completion

In collaboration with partners across campus over the past few years, the AggieBudget project has established new standards in budget planning and oversight at UC Davis. With a common budget process and platform, the campus is equipped with improved budget development and reporting capabilities. Read the final executive report for more information.

Final Executive Report

The AggieBudget team is so grateful to the many individuals who went the extra mile to make this project a success, including Diane Jellison, Tracy Ligtenberg, Cathy Miller, Anissa Nachman, Heidi O'Guinn, Elizabeth Vaziri, and everyone who volunteered to participate in testing. We look forward to further collaboration as we prepare for the future of budget planning and oversight at UC Davis. 

AggieBudget community support
Training, job aids and help desk support are available on an ongoing basis. Connect with the AggieBudget user community through Slack at #aggiebudget or send us an email at