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Requesting Access to Data Warehouse

Please complete the appropriate access request form and return it to CDW User Support. 

Your application for access will be forwarded for approval to the appropriate Data Steward(s).

Personal User: Complete the Personal User Application Form (PDF) and get your department's approval if you plan to access the data for direct reporting purposes.

Department User: Complete the Department User Application Form (PDF) if you plan to load the data into a departmental system that will be shared with others.

Technical Support User: If you are a technical support user and only need access to test connections, contact CDW Support for a limited access account.

Note: General subject data, university IDs and directory information is available via the departmental account. Because some "restricted-access" data may be inappropriate for users of your departmental application to query, it is not available via a departmental account. You may need to request a separate user (aka report only) account for querying that data.

See Connection Instructions for information on how to access the data directly.