UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)

Insights on student opinions and experiences.

The University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) is given at all UC undergraduate campuses every two years. It solicits student opinions on a broad range of academic and co-curricular experiences, including instruction, advising and student services.

The survey provides information about student behaviors including time use and academic engagement and community involvement. It documents students' self-perceptions and goals, political beliefs and affiliation, and perceptions of the role of the research university. It also collects background demographic information, such as students' self-reported language background, family immigration experience and social class.

Data from the UCUES survey have been used in institutional and administrative research, as well as various instructional and scholarly research. They have been well-integrated into policy discussions and learning outcomes assessment at the University of California to guide the University on improving the undergraduate experience.

Campus UCUES Results

In 2020 UCUES was sent to 29,456 eligible UC Davis students and answered by 8,806 (30%). AggieData contains links to the overall results, comparisons across the UC system, and breakdowns by demographic. For additional analyses of these data, please contact BIA.

Upcoming UCUES

UCUES 2022 will launch on April 12, 2022 and be open through spring quarter. Registered undergraduates can take the survey here.