Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Programs

Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Programs (SSGPDP) allow the university to serve additional students above and beyond the resources provided by the state while fulfilling demonstrated higher education and workforce needs.  

Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Programs (SSGPDPs) are mid-level graduate professional degree programs that do not receive any state funding support and cannot be subsidized by tuition or fees paid by students in state-supported programs. SSGPDPs can be established to meet new and unmet educational needs for which there are no existing State resources.

SSGPDP students are typically mid-career or working professionals and these programs offer schedules and degree completion timelines that are more accessible to these students. SSGPDP students must meet the same academic standards and go through the same admission process as other UC Davis graduate programs.

Campus Review of SSGPDPs 

Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Programs must meet the same rigorous academic standards as any other graduate degree program at UC Davis. SSGPDPs undergo regular academic program review by Graduate Council, and periodic additional campus reviews for academic quality and financial sustainability. Requirements for SSGPDP self-assessments are included in the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual, Section 200-26

For more background

UC policy, Section III.M.:

“…Once established, the SSGPDP shall be under the purview of the campus Graduate Council and the Graduate Division to ensure adequate progress of students according to campus criteria. Campuses may apply additional review measures so long as they do not conflict with this Policy.”

Campus policy (PPM 200-26) sections IV.C.1-3 are also helpful, although should be revised to clarify the current campus practice.

"1. The Graduate Council reviews SSDPs once after the first three years and on a regular schedule thereafter, including a review to ensure that SSDP responsibilities have not detracted from state-supported graduate programs based on a review of faculty participation.

2. To assess the ongoing financial viability of the SSDP and compliance with applicable policies, the Dean—Graduate Studies requests a campus audit or financial review of each SSDP to occur after the first three years, and on a regular schedule thereafter to coincide with the Graduate Council program review. The results of this audit are provided to the Graduate Council during program review and to the Academic Senate—Committee on Planning and Budget for comment.

3. UCOP reviews the self-supporting status of SSDPs annually to set program fees. The Budget and Institutional Analysis Office coordinates campus compliance with this review in accordance with UCOP guidelines.”