Voice services encompass single and multi-line phones, voicemail, and features including conference calls, caller-ID, call waiting, hunt groups, call-forwarding, and others.

Baseline voice services are included in the service fee. Other voice services are considered to be specialized services and will continue to be recharged on a monthly basis. One-time fees, such as fees for activating new services, will continue to be recharged in most cases. The following sections provide more details:

Voice Services Included – Baseline Services

  • Single line voice service – this is the typical voice service where a user has a single phone number assigned. Every voice user will be provided with a single phone number. This includes service for conference rooms, front desk phones, lab phones, and similar general-purpose, single-line services.
  • Multi-line voice service – with this service, multiple phone numbers appear on a phone such as with a receptionist, executive assistant, help desk, etc.
  • Basic voicemail service – all users will be provided with basic voicemail service at their request. This includes options to deliver voicemail messages via e-mail, create rules for call handling, and other features.
  • Automated Attendant services.
  • 3-way and 6-way conference calls.
  • No cost to client domestic and international calls.
  • Legacy Automated Call Distribution (ACD) services – due to limited resources (licenses), service will be provided based on business need.

Voice Services Excluded – Recharged Services

  • One-time charges for establishing new voice service.
  • Secondary phone numbers - Users who opt to have additional phone numbers assigned exclusively to them may be recharged for the additional phone numbers.
  • Voice-to-text transcription services for voicemail.
  • Reserved phone numbers.
  • Multi-line add-on modules.
  • 800 number services.
  • Residence Hall voice services billed to individual students.
  • Special equipment/ring down equipment – typically outdoor phones.
  • White Page listings with AT&T – pass-thru costs.
  • Readytalk accounts.
  • Authorization codes.
  • Meet-me conference calls.
  • Service moves and reconfigurations.
  • Voice equipment accessories, such as phone cords and splitters.
  • ISDN services.
  • Time and material services.