Data Network Services

Data network services encompass wired and wireless data services.

Baseline data network services are included in the service fee. Other data network services are considered to be specialized services and will continue to be recharged on a monthly basis. One-time fees, such as fees for activating new services, will continue to be recharged in most cases. The following sections provide more details:

Data Network Services Included – Baseline Services

  • 10/100/1000 mbps services. Data services will be standardized to support up to 1 Gbps speeds to the desktop, provided that network cabling supports this speed.
  • Campus DSL/ADSL services.
  • Monthly recurring fees for 10 Gbps service.
  • Multi-VLANs services.
  • Central SSL VPN services. SSL VPN resources are currently limited and may not be immediately available to all requestors.
  • Wireless network services are provided are no cost to the user. IET Communications Resources will continue to expand wireless coverage as resources allow.
  • Desktop Wireless AP services – users may request desktop wireless AP coverage. No monthly recurring fees will be charged, however one-time installation fees will be charged (see below).
  • VLAN changes.

Data Network Services Excluded – Recharged Services

  • Consultation and custom installation services.
  • Service activations, including NAM activations and Multi-VLAN activations (rates will be consolidated into one standard rate).
  • Service moves and reconfigurations.
  • Service installations including new NAM installations, fiber connections, and Desktop Wireless AP installations (at 50% of current charge; other 50% will be collected through the assessment).
  • Installation fees for 10 Gbps service.
  • Time and material services.