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Registered Student Organization (RSO) Support

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Registered Student Organization Support

Pepsi is proud to support the many Registered Student Organizations (RSO) on-campus through their two grants. In 2018-19 they contributed:

  • Pepsi Product Grant

    • Provides Pepsi products for RSOs to use at their events
    • $6,294 Pepsi Product Grant funds allocated
    • Over 7,500 estimated attendance
    • 52 Student Organization events
  • Club Financial Council

    • Funding to RSOs to host their events
    • $39,240 Club Finance Council Grant funds allocated
    • Over 9,000 estimated attendance
    • 51 Student Organization events


graphic sharing event attendance for uc davis pepsi sponsored programs


Pepsi booth at a UC Davis event

This funding helped us in two significant ways. Firstly, CFC funding helped us get to the event. We were able to pay for the event in full, and make the necessary preparations to perform successfully. Secondly, by helping to alleviate our financial burden for competing, the CFC funding for this event directly impacts how we perform throughout the year, and every penny we get puts us that much closer to being a nationally ranked and recognized team, that in turn promotes UC Davis as a serious contender in the Mock Trial world. 

– Mock Trial at UC Davis

The CFC Grant this year has definitely made a lasting impact on our event. Each year we continue to apply because we appreciate the Club Finance Council's generous support toward our event. Considering every amount of money that is raised is donated to the American Cancer Society, we are so grateful to have extra funding to allocate to university costs as this allows us to put on an amazing event and donate as much money as we can in putting an end to cancer.

– Colleges Against Cancer, UC Davis

The Grant funding helped us tremendously in organizing our event. Through the funding, we were able to reserve the Pavilion and host a great event that brought students, industry professionals, and non-profit representatives together. Being able to accommodate a large number of students also led to a very impactful event, as more students were able to network and hone their technical skills.

– HackDavis Student Organization

The money we received from the grant helped pay for reservation fees and rentals, which allowed us to use the money we raised for our walk to go towards suicide prevention and awareness.

– Students Against Suicide, UC Davis