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RFP Process Flow

The UP3 request for proposal (RFP) process connects potential sponsors of campus units and programs with the UC Davis service contract process.


  1. Opportunity Assessment and Category Launch: Determine campus needs. Assess existing resources and engage with key campus stakeholders and potential partners.

  2. Development of Category Strategy: Convene Industry Working Groups to set specific priorities and criteria for request for proposal.

  3. Category RFP Development and Distribution: Distribute final request for proposal to potential partners and bidders.

  4. Strategy Execution and Recommendations: Receive and evaluate bids. Select a company to enter into exclusive negotiations.

  5. Negotiation, Contract Finalization and Internal Communication: Negotiate and finalize the contract. Inform campus stakeholders and plan external communications.

  6. External Communication and Contract Activation: Partnership announcement to the public. Activation and fulfillment planning begins.

Process Visualization

graphic for the rfp process for uc davis up3

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