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Request for Temporary Mandatory Reviewer Form

Request for Temporary Mandatory Reviewer Form

Use this form to request a temporary switch between the Mandatory Reviewer and a Backup Reviewer on the current approved Department Roles Structure.

This form must be submitted a minimum of two working days in advance of the date the change will be effective. Changes should be at least three days in duration; shorter periods do not allow sufficient time for changes to be processed.

Note: Temporary changes refer to vacation, unexpected illness or emergency, and short term leave of absence.

Requested Change
(to which the change will be applied)
The Temporary Mandatory Reviewer entered below must be a Backup Reviewer on the most recently approved Departmental Organizational Structure form.
Transactions that will be reviewed by the above named temporary reviewer:
Non-student PSS
Student PSS
PPS Transactions - Academic:
Acad Adm
Other Acad
Grad Division
OPTRS Transactions