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PAN REVIEW—Departmental Mandatory Review Checklist for Renewal of Appointment

Mandatory Reviewers must ensure documentation of pre-approval exists on file in the department.

See Pre-Approval List of Transactions for more information. Reviewers use the PAN to verify the following fields have been completed and the data values are accurate. Place a checkmark on the line after reviewing the field. System derived information is derived based on entered fields. If the system derived information is incorrect it is due to preparers entering incorrect data in other fields. Source documents should be provided to the reviewer to ensure proper authorization and accuracy of data entry.

General Information

______      Home Department Code

______      Leave Of Absence


______      Title Code

______      Appointment Begin Date

______      Appointment End Date

______      Duration of Employment Code

______      TUC (Bargaining Unit) (system derived)

______      AREP (Covered/Uncovered) (system derived)

______      Department Code

______      FLSA (system derived)

______      Annual/Hourly Rate

______      Rate Code

______      Basis/Paid Over (Academic)

______      Percentage of Appointment

______      Fixed or Variable Indicator

______      Grade

______      Program

______      Appointment Type (1 thru 8)

______      Leave Accrual Code

______      Pay Schedule

______      Time Code


______      Funding Source (chart, account, sub-account, object, sub-object, project)

______      FTE (if applicable)

______      Percentage of Distribution

______      Distribution Begin Date

______      Distribution End Date

______      Salary

______      Description of Service (DOS)

______      Step

______      Off /Above Scale (O/A)

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