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Visa Classifications

Visa Classification May Be Employed as a Condition of Admission May Be Employed with Special INS Authorization May Not Be Employed
B-1 Visitor for business     X
B-2 Visitor for pleasure     X
F-1 Academic student on campus off campus  
F-2 Academic student's alien spouse     X
H-1 Temporary professional worker X    
H-1A Nurse X    
H-2B Temporary professional worker X    
H-3 Trainee X    
H-4 Temporary worker's or trainee alien spouse     X
J-1 Exchange visitor X    
J-2 Exchange visitor's alien spouse   X  
O-1 Alien of extraordinary ability X    
O-2 Alien with critical skills and experience X    
O-3 Dependents of O-1's and O-2's     X
P-1 Alien athlete internationally recognized X    
P-2 Alien artist or entertainer, individual or group X    
P-3 Alien providing essential support to the P-1 and P-2 visa holders X    
P-4 Dependents of P-1's, P-2's and P-3's     X
TN * Canadian or Mexican citizen business person X    
WB Waiver for Business     X
WT Waiver for Tourism     X

* TN is a special INS classification; it is not a visa type.