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Appointment Type Codes

Code Appointment Type Description
1 Contract Established at a fixed or variable percentage of time for a definite period. Terms and conditions of employment are specified in a written employment contract.
2 Career Established at a fixed or variable percentage of time at 50% or more of full time, which is expected to continue for one year or longer. A Limited appointment shall be designated as a Career appointment when the incumbent has attained 1,000 hours of qualifying service in any 12 consecutive months without a break in service of at least 120 calendar days.
3 Limited Established at any percentage of time, fixed or variable, during which the appointee is expected to be on pay status for less than 1,000 hours in a 12-month period.
4 Casual/Restricted Reserved for a regular student of UC. Retains designation casual/restricted regardless of the percent of full time or the duration of the appointment.
5 Academic An appointee who is engaged primarily in one or more of the following: teaching, research, and public service, and whose duties are closely related to the University's instructional and research functions.
6 Per Diem Adds to or substitutes for career and limited appointments on a pre-scheduled basis or as needed on a day-to-day basis as determined by the University. See Policy 24, Per Diem Positions for more information.
7 Partial Year Career Established to accommodate foreseeable seasonal fluctuations in staffing, budgetary, operations, or other needs. Appointment contains regularly scheduled periods, not to exceed three months per calendar year, during which the incument remains an employee but is not at work.
8 Floater Reserved for used in temporary employment pools and may be established at any percent of full time for up to two years duration. A subsequent two-year floater appointment may be established after a break in service of at least 120 consecutive calendar days. Appointees may be scheduled to work or not, as determined by the University.

For more information see Personnel Policies for Staff Members.