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Printing Online PAN

This transaction is used to print the Post-Authorization Notification (PAN) in web-based PPS.



PANs can be accessed in the database for up to three months, as long as you have access to the employee record in PPS.


Before you start

  • Make sure the PPS user has access to the employee record in PPS.



Step 1. Login to Online PPS Application 

  1. In your browser, visit to access the production database or for the training database where records are maintained.
  2. Enter your PPS user ID, then tab, and enter your PPS password and hit the Logon button.
    Note: Your PPS password may NOT contain any symbols to be used in this application.
  3. Single click on Notification Selection option in Post-Authorization Notification Functions section of menu.

    Main menu with entry fields for navigating to the Separation bundle.


Step 2. Select Criteria to Search for PAN

  1. Enter the specific criteria to search for PANs in database. Defaults are set to all PANs for all dates available, and if no further criteria are selected this will return huge list of results. Providing specific department number, Employee ID, Preparer PPS ID or Reviewer PPS ID will return more targeted results.

    Emp ID with highlighted entry fields.
  2. Press the Submit button on the lower portion of the screen.
  3. The results of the search are returned to the screen;scroll or sort the list as needed to find the PAN you want, or use the navigation tools to resubmit search criteria to return new results.
  4. Open the desired PAN by mousing over the employee's name and clicking once. Use the print icon in the upper right section of the screen to produce a printer friendly version.


Step 3. Print PAN

  1. Use the Printer Friendly Format icon in the upper right section of the screen to produce a printer friendly version that can be printed.
  2. The "clean" version will appear in a new window and can be printed using minimal paper.
  3. User navigation tools to return to Selection Results list to choose another PAN.
  4. Make sure to Logout when finished with your search and printing.