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Processing an Online Transfer from UCD Campus

When an employee transfers to another UC campus, medical center or lab, the PPS preparer must process the transfer in a timely manner.




This transaction will be separation action from UC Davis, but leave accruals will not be paid out since they will transfer to the new campus.

Unlike entry directly into PPS, this process does not bundle screens for update. When a transfer is entered there are specific parts of the record that require update. However, all existing data should be reviewed and updated as necessary and appropriate.


Before you start

  • Pre-authorization to process the transfer, including a letter indicating transfer if applicable.
  • Date of separation and last day on pay from UC Davis.



Step 1. Login to Online PPS Application

  1. In your browser, visit to access the production database where the employee records are maintained.
  2. Enter your PPS user ID, then tab, and enter your PPS password and hit the Logon button. Note: Your PPS password may NOT contain any symbols to be used in the web-based access.
  3. Select Intercampus Transfer from the Main Menu


Step 2. Select Location & Action

  1. Select transfer location that fit your employee's new location.
  2. Select the terminating campus as the action for this employee.
  3. Press the Next button.


Step 3. Select Employee Record for Change

  1. Enter the employee's last name in the Name field, or enter employee's ID number in the Employee ID field.A
    Emp ID with highlighted entry fields.
  2. Press the Select button on the lower portion of the screen.
  3. If a list is shown, click on the employee's name in the list; or move to next step if the employee information is returned.
    Emp ID with highlighted entry fields.
  4. The employee information is now returned to the screen; if the wrong employee information was returned, you can re-select by clicking on the Select New Employee button on the lower portion of the screen.
  5. You can select the Separation tab from the menu at the left.


Step 4. Enter Separation Data

  1. The separation date and the last day on pay will be the same. Enter the last day the employee will be employed with UC Davis.
  2. Select the reason IT for inter-location transfer from the drop down list.
  3. Enter the Future Institution Code as follows:
    • NBB - UC Berkeley
    • NBL - UC Irvine
    • NAU - UC Los Angeles
    • NAN - UC Riverside
    • NBC - UC San Diego
    • NAQ - UC San Francisco
    • NBQ - UC Santa Barbara
    • NBU - UC Santa Cruz
  4. Enter Intercampus Transfer code matching employee's new location.
  5. If you press the Next button from Separation tab you'll move directly to the Summary tab, but if you haven't updated all the pertinent information this will be problematic. Instead, you can select screens to review and update using the menu on the left side of the screen.
  6. Generally, information will not need to be updated in every section but reviewing each tab for accuracy is a good idea. Information that should be reviewed prior to update includes:
    • Update Permanent Address and Phone on Address & Disclosures tab
    • Remove future dates for Salary Review and/or Probationary Information on Employment Information tab
    • End Appointments & Distributions for each Appointment on Appointments & Distributions tab


Step 5. Update Appointment Information

  1. Since most changes to the employee record will be on pay information, you will often be updating the appointments and/or distributions data.
  2. Begin by selecting the appointment to end or update as applicable. Using the icons to the right of the appointment to be changed, select to Edit, Delete, Copy, or Add Distribution.
    The appt screen with input fields highlighted
  3. Whether editing current appt to change end date, or copying to create new appt, the Action Code field is required.
  4. No fields can be changed until at least one action code is selected.
    The appt screen with input fields highlighted
  5. Update any fields as applicable to the change being made, especially the End Date and the Duration fields. The time code should be change to N for employess that are terminated (changing the time code will block any payment entered on the roster).
  6. Click the Save Appointment button to move to the next step.


Step 6. Update Distribution Information

  1. Begin by selecting the distribution to end or update as applicable. Using the icons to the right of the distribution to be changed; select to Edit, Delete, or Copy.
    Use the command line to navigate to the appointment section of the EAPP screen
  2. No fields can be changed until at least one action code is selected.
    The appt screen with input fields highlighted
  3. If distribution copied, PPS selects first available distribution, this number can be modified but you must follow numbering rules for distribution (increments of 1 under the designated appointment, i.e. appt 10 has dists 11, 12, 13, appt 20 has dists 21, 22, 23, etc).
  4. Update any fields as applicable to the change being made, especially the End Date field.
  5. Make sure to save the distribution using the Save Distribution button at the bottom of the page.
  6. The entire process of adding new appointments and distributions can be repeated to add more of either. Copying a new distribution will add the new distribution to the same appointment the distribution is copied from, but the distribution number can be changed to move to new appointment (i.e. distribution copied from 21 becomes 22, change 22 to 31 to put under appointment 30).
  7. Click the Next button to move to the next screen or tab.


Step 7. Review Summary Information

  1. The Summary screen or tab is a complete view of all the entry done to this point, it is divided into sections you've entered in each step. New Data is displayed but you can also review Old Data, or make corrections by selecting the Edit button to the right of each section, or by selecting the screen from the list on the left.
  2. You can collapse a section by clicking the title of the section you want to collapse. You can expand a collapsed section by doing the same.
  3. Once you have confirmed all is correct, press the Submit button at the bottom of the page have the system review for errors.


Step 8. Review Messages and Submit Transaction

  1. You must clear all Level 7 Errors before completing the transaction, if you see a block with red writing indicating errors you must resolve these before moving on.
    The education screen with input fields highlighted
  2. Once errors have been corrected, or if no Level 7 Errors were found, you will receive a block with green writing indicating you're able to submit your transaction, you can continue to resolve additional errors or submit.
    The education screen with input fields highlighted
  3. Press Submit button.


Step 9. Add Comments and Print IDOC

  1. Add comments for the PAN sent to reveiwers, make sure to include:
    • title code
    • transfer to location and date
    • leave balances calculated through last day at UC Davis for both vacation and sick accruals
    • notation of pre-approved exceptions (if applicable)
  2. Add to the list of reviewers.
  3. Press Submit button to send PAN and see options to print IDOC.
    The confirmation screen with input fields highlighted
  4. Make sure you receive Confirmation message, scroll down and press Select and Print IDOC.
  5. Select Change-in-Status as IDOC type by clicking the title, scroll down to see IDOC.
  6. Select Print IDOC to print directly to your default printer for your computer.
  7. Provide the separation IDOC to employee; ensure vacation and sick leave balances, and months of Employee Service Credit are correct, if not, note the correct balances on the IDOC.