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Processing an Online Rehire

This transaction is used to rehire an individual who had previous employment with the university within the past year, and has an active Employee ID number in the EDB (Employee Data Base).




When an employee is rehired within a month following his or her separation, most of the existing data displayed on the screens in the bundle is generally current and may not need to be updated. However, all existing data must be reviewed and updated as necessary and appropriate based on the new employment conditions.

*If the employee did not work for your department (or you didn't have access to their record in PPS) at the time of separation, you will need to process this transaction using CICS PPS.

Reemployment of an employee into a career position requires the completion of the recruitment process outlined in the Manager’s and Supervisor’s Toolkit on the Human Resources website. If the rehire is a recall from layoff or preferential rehire from layoff refer to the Layoff guidelines in the Toolkit.

Note: Special conditions exist for non-residents. Check with HR if you have questions.
UC Davis Health processes and codes may differ from those presented here.

All fields that should be considered for data entry are listed. Many fields were fully defined in the New Hire guide. Comments pertaining specifically to rehire are included below.


Before you start:

 Keep a copy of the Statement of Citizenship Status for department records



Step 1 - Login to Online PPS Application

Login to Web PPS


  1. In your browser, visit  to access the productions database where employee records are maintained. Or to access the training database for practice or testing.
  2. Enter your PPS userID, then tab, and enter your PPS password and click on the Login button or hit Enter.
    • Note: your password may NOT contain any symbols to be used in this application.Web PPS Menu
  3. Select Rehire from the main menu to begin entering the record for your new employee.


Step 2 - Select Employee for Rehire

  1. Enter the employee's last name in the Name field, or enter the employee's ID number in the Employee ID field.Select Employee Screen
  2. Click on the Select button on the lower portion of the screen.
  3. If there is a list that pops-up, select the employee from the list by clicking on the employee information row.Select Employee from List
  4. If the employee did not work for your department (or you don't have access to the record in PPS) at the time of separation, you will need to process this transaction using CICS PPS.
  5. The employee information is now returned to the screen and fields are populated; if the wrong employee information was returned, you can reselect by clicking on the Select New Employee button on the lower portion of the screen.
  6. You should now move through all the tabs using the Next button at the bottom of the screen to verify all data is still correct, update as needed.
  7. Click the Next button to confirm the information and move to the next screen or tab.


Step 3 - Personal Information

  1. Generally, this information will not change between the time of separation and rehire, but review with employee for accuracy and update information as applicable.
  2. Click the Next button to move to the next screen or tab, you can also return to the previous screen by pressing the Previous button.


Step 4 - Address and Disclosure Information

  1. No changes are required on this screen if employee has not requested them. Review with employee and update where applicable. Make sure to update the campus department information if your department is not listed, this should be the current department information.
  2. Click the Next button to move to the next screen or tab, you can also return to the previous screen by pressing the Previous button.


Step 5 - Citizenship and Taxes

  1. Citizenship information should only be updated if status has changed. Verify with employee that no changes in citizenship are applicable.
  2. If a new W-4 form has been provided, complete the fields to indicate Federal and State tax status as provided by the employee on the W4 form, filing exempt is code 998 in personal allowances field, other codes are provided by clicking on the field name Personal Allowances.
  3. Click the Next button to move to the next screen or tab, you can also return to the previous screen by pressing the Previous button.


Step 6 - Review General Employment Information

Employment Info for Rehire

  1. Enter the employee's current hire date for this rehire, click the calendar icon to see a calendar of the current month, click the date to fill the field with that date.
  2. Do not change or adjust the Original Date of Hire that reflects when the employee first worked for UC.
  3. Review the date that the oath was signed in the Oath Signature Date field, if this date is within one year of the current date of hire no adjustment is needed. If this date is more than 1 year before the current date of hire a new State Oath & Patent Policy Acknowledgment must be signed and this date updated.
    *Note: the Oath should be signed on or before the most recent hire date.
  4. Enter the BELI (Assigned) code indicating the level of benefits for the employee.
  5. Enter the BELI Effective Date indicating the date the code goes into effect.

    Employment Info2 for Rehire
  6. Review and change if applicable the Employee Relations Code and Employee Unit Code for purposes of collective bargaining, contact HR for assistance with these codes.
  7. Tab past the Academic Programmatic Unit Code field; this field is used for Health Science Faculty only and identifies the unit the faculty member belongs to for purposes of determining the health science salary scale. Contact the Dean’s Office, School of Medicine for codes and additional information.
  8. Enter the Home Department Code.
  9. Enter the Alternate Department Code if applicable, not typically used at the time of hire.
  10. Enter the Special Training Required Code if applicable, contact HR for assistance with this information.
  11. Update the Probationary Period End Date if applicable.
  12. Enter the Next Salary Review Date and Next Salary Review Type if applicable.
  13. Use the drop down list to enter the Intercampus Transfer if the employee has transferred from another UC campus, medical center or lab.
  14. Do not enter an Background Check information.
  15. Click the Next button to move to the next screen or tab.


Step 7 - Create a New Appointment

Add Appt for Rehire

  1. Begin by selecting the button to Add Appointment.
  2. PPS selects first available appointment, this number can be modified but you must follow numbering rules for appointments (increments of 10, i.e. 10, 20, 30, etc).
  3. Enter the Appointment Type using the drop down list
  4. Enter the title or title code of the position the employee will fill, as you type the program will display options to choose from.
  5. Enter the Duration if applicable. If Indefinite is chosen End Date populates with 99/99/99.
  6. Enter the begin and end dates of the appointment in this title code.
  7. Enter the Grade if applicable (employee will have either grade or step in the distribution).
  8. Enter percentage of full time, 100% time is 1.00, 50% time is 0.50.
  9. Enter code representing whether the amount of time to be worked is fixed or variable for each pay period.
  10. Use drop down list to select Rate Code.
  11. Enter the annual, by agreement or hourly rate for this appointment.
  12. Enter the pay schedule, the employee may only have one pay schedule for all appointments.
  13. Enter the time code for how the employee will report their time, most commonly used codes at UC Davis are R=Exception, Z=Positive, W=Without Salary.
  14. Enter the Leave code for the accrual of sick and vacation time, additional information can be found on the PPS website.
  15.  Click the Save Appointment button to move to the next step.


Step 8 - Create a New Distribution

Add Dist for Rehire

  1. Click the Add Distribution button or use the icon in the chart that looks like + Dist.
  2. PPS selects the first available distribution, this number can be modified but you must follow numbering rules for distribution (increments of 1 under the designated appointment, i.e. appt 10 has dists 11, 12, 13, etc; appt 20 has dists 21, 22, 23, etc).
  3. Enter the FAU or Full Accounting Unit to identify the account the employee will be paid from, minimum fields required are Chart, Account and Object.
  4. Enter the FTE or Full Time Equivalent to indicate how much of the employee's salary is permanently budgeted in this FAU.
  5. Enter the Dist% that indicates how much of the employee's salary will be paid from this FAU; for exception employees the total dist % across all distributions should equal the percentage in the appointment.
  6. Enter the Pay Begin Date indicating when employee will begin being paid on this FAU.
  7. Enter the Pay End Date indicating when employee will stop being paid on this FAU, enter 999999 for an indefinite end date.
  8. If applicable, enter the step indicating the pay rate for the salary.
  9. Enter the Rate Amount as a monthly, by agreement, or hourly rate that matches the rate code in the appointment.
  10. Enter the DOS or Description of Service code that defines the type of compensation to be paid; more information on DOS codes can be found on the PPS Website.
  11. Enter the Perquisite code, if applicable.
  12. Enter the Work Study Program code if applicable.
  13. Enter the Off / Above Scale code, if applicable.
  14. Make sure to save the distribution using the Save Distribution button at the bottom of the page.
  15. The entire process of adding new appointments and distributions can be repeated to add more of either. Buttons to add each are available below the Summary chart, or you can use the icons to add distributions (+ Dist), or copy (Copy) and create a new appointment if used in appointment line, or distribution if used in distribution line. Copying a new distribution will add the new distribution to the same appointment the distribution is copied from, but the distribution number can be changed to move to new appointment (i.e. distribution copied from 11 becomes 12, change 12 to 21 to put under appointment 20).
  16. Click the Next button to move to the next screen or tab.


Step 9 - Education and Licenses

  1. If provided by the employee, or required by position, enter the Education and Licenses & Certificates information.
  2. You can add multiple licenses or certificates as needed by pressing Create New License button>
  3. Click the Next button to move to the next screen or tab.


Step 10 - Honors and Awards

  1. This information is not necessary for staff titles, but if hiring academic employee and this information is provided, enter using the Create New Honor button.


Step 11 - Review Summary

  1. The Summary screen or tab is a complete view of all the entry done to this point, it is divided into sections as you've entered in each step. Corrections or changes can be made by selecting the Edit button to the right of each section, or by selecting the screen from the list on the left.
  2. You can collapse a section, to avoid scrolling down a long screen of data, by clicking title of the section you want to collapse. You can expand a collapsed section by doing the same.
  3. Once you have confirmed all is correct, press the Submit button at the bottom of the page have the system review for errors.


Step 12 - Review Messages and Submit Transaction

  1. You must clear all Level 7 Errors before completing the transaction, if you see a block with red writing indicating errors you must resolve before moving on.
  2. Once errors have been corrected, or if no Level 7 Errors were found, you will receive a block with green writing indicating you're able to submit your transaction, you can continue to resolve additional errors/warnings or submit.
  3. Click the Submit button.


Step 13 - Add Comments and Print IDOC

  1. Add comments for the PAN sent to reviewers, make sure to include:
    • title code
    • type of transaction – in this case a rehire
    • vacancy listing number (if applicable)
    • Banner confirmation and date (student titles only)
    • notation on end date (if applicable)
    • notation of pre-approved exceptions (if applicable)
  2. Click Submit button to send PAN and see options to print IDOC.
  3. Make sure you receive Confirmation message, scroll down and press Select and Print IDOC.
  4. Select New Hire or Re-Hire as IDOC type by clicking the title, scroll down to see IDOC.
  5. Select Print IDOC to print directly to your default printer for your computer.
  6. At the bottom of the page you can return to the Main Menu or Begin New Hire transaction for a new employee.


Step 14 - Disburse Documents

If the following are completed, all supporting documentation MUST be forwarded to the appropriate offices within two working days of entry.