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Clear Errors in CICS PPS

Occasionally you'll receive an error message in CICS PPS and will be unable to clear it using the F12 key. 

If this occurs you'll need to take down the active session where the error occured. Below are the steps to complete this take down and open a new session.

Before you start

  • Attempt to clear error messages with the F12 function key.
  • If successful you will be taken back to the Supersession Menu.

Steps to complete

  1. Close the current session of PPS by using the X in the upper right corner of the window, or use the QWS3270 drop down menu, select Close All Sessions.
  2. Enter your PPS UserID in the UserID field; enter your password in the Password field.
  3. At the Supersession Main Menu, check for the Active status next to the Davis production region (CICSPAY3) or the Davis test region (CICSPP3T).Active Status Image
  4. Type T on the dash to the left of the session that has the Active status, and press the Enter key.

    T Entered Image
  5. The status should now read Takedown or Terminated, which means the session has been closed.

    Takedown Status Image
  6. You can now select to reopen the session, you will start at the main menu.
  7. Remember to check for updates on any transaction you were doing when error occured, the update may not have been completed.