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Logging into CICS PPS

Before you can process any transactions, you must login to PPS with your User ID and password.

You are responsible for all transactions made under your User ID. Be sure to protect the confidentiality of your password.

Before you start

  • Request access to PPS by completing the PPS Access/Change Application. For additional information on getting access see Obtaining Access.
  • Return the completed form to the PPS Administrative Assistant in the Payroll office.
  • Once approved you will receive your User ID and a temporary password. You will need this information to login to PPS.

Steps to complete

  1. Double click on the PPS icon on your desktop to open the PPS program
  2. If the icon is not on your desktop ask your tech support staff for assistance.  Information about installing PPS can be found on the IET Desktop Enterprise Solutions site.
  3. Enter your PPS UserID in the UserID field; enter your temporary password in the Password field.
  4. The first time you login you will need to select a password. Change the N to a in the Change Password field, press Enter.
  5. Select a password using the criteria below, enter the new password in the Enter new password field, hit Tab. Re-enter the new password in the Verify new password field, press Enter.
    • Your password must be 7-8 characters, and include at least one number and one letter
    • Your password must be different than your UserID
    • Passwords are not case sensitive
    • You must change your password every 180 days
    • The system remembers your last few passwords, so do not re-use your previous password
  6. At the Supersession Main Menu you will choose which session you wish to login to. The two regions you may use are the Davis production region (CICSPAY3) or the Davis test region (CICSPP3T). With your cursor to the left of the session you want to login to, press Enter.
  7. You can remove unwanted sessions from your menu by entering D next to the session and pressing Enter.
  8. If you accidentally remove either CICSPAY3 or CICSPP3T, enter L next to any remaining selection, press Enter. This will open a new window inside the current screen with a list of all the available sessions in PPS. To scroll through the list to the next page use the F8 key to move forward, or the F7 key to move backward. Enter A next to the session you want to add, press Enter.

Additional information

  • If you enter your password incorrectly Password Not Authorized will appear in the lower left hand corner of the screen. If you enter your password incorrectly three (3) consecutive times, your access will be revoked for security purposes. You will need to have your password reset.
  • If you need your password reset, review the process at Reset Request and submit a request on the Help Request Form.
  • If you need to leave your computer while logged on to PPS, you must either log out of the system or lock your computer screen to prevent unauthorized access.
  • The information in PPS is confidential and access is granted for performance of your assigned duties only. Misuse of the system or the information contained within the system is a violation of University policy, and federal and/or state statutes. Make sure you are familiar with the information contained in the Policy and Procedure Manual:
    • Records Management, Retention and Disposition (section 320-10)
    • Privacy of and Access to Information (section 320-20)
    • Disclosure of Information from Student Records (section 320-21)
    • UC Davis Cyber-Safety Program (section 310-22)
    • Electronic Communications--Privacy and Acces (section 310-24)