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Changing Screen Colors for Current CICS PPS Session

Changing screen colors can make it easier to read information and identify key fields in PPS screens.

The steps below will allow you to change the screen colors in your current session. These changes will only affect the current PPS session, unless you have administrative privileges on your computer. When you log off PPS your settings will return to the default settings. If in doubt, contact your technical support personnel.

 Steps to complete

  1. From the top tool bar in PPS, select Options. A drop down menu will display.
    Options Menu
  2. Select Session from the menu. The Session Options window will open.
  3. Make sure the Display option on the left menu is expanded (if necessary click the + to expand). Click on Colors. A colors selection window will open.
    Session Menu
  4. To change a color, click on the color named in the middle panel Selection section. Then click a color in the Available Colors area.
    Color Menu
  5. The main colors to change are:
    • Background. This affects the background coloring of the entire screen
    • 3279 turquoise. This affects the labels on the screen (i.e. tells the name of the field)
    • 3279 white. This affects the text that cannot be edited from this screen, or things that are auto filled in (i.e. Title Name once user inputs title code)
    • 3279 green. This affects the user input fields on the screens, (i.e. the Title code, appointment percent, etc.)
  6. Depending on the background color selected you may be prompted to change any other colors that conflict with the background color (i.e. if you change to a white background then you need to change Protected Dim to a color other than white so that the text will show up). Make appropriate corrections and then click on the Apply button and then OK button.
  7. You will be returned to the PPS screen and your color selections will be displayed.
    New Color Image