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Changing Employee Name or Social Security Number

Learn how to change employee names or social security numbers.

Before you start

Make sure to see an original legal document verifying the information the employee is asking to have changed or added:

  • Name should be entered exactly as seen on the social security card.
  • SSN should be entered exactly as seen on the social security card.

Reasons to change an employee's name or social security number (SSN):

  • Employee had a legal name change (i.e. marriage or divorce);
  • Employee did not have a SSN at time of hire, has one now;
  • Employee's information was incorrectly entered at time of hire or rehire.

Steps to complete in web-based PPS

  1. In web-based PPS, select Change Existing Employee Record from the Main Menu.
  2. Add the employee number in the Employee ID field (or last name, comma, first name in the Name field), press Select button.
  3. From the left side Entry Screen Menu, select screen 1 Employment Identification.
  4. Tab to the SSN field, enter the nine-digit code.
    To change or add the name, tab to the First NameMiddle Name, or Last Namefield, add the correct spelling of the employee name.
  5. Go to screen 11 Summary, then screen 12 Review Messages and Update, make sure to submit all the way through to receive completed message.
  6. At the bottom of the screen make sure to select the View & Print IDOC button if the name was changed.

Steps to complete in CICS PPS

  1. From main menu in PPS, enter EEID in the Next Func field and the employee number in the ID field.
  2. To change or add the SSN, tab to the SSN field, enter the nine-digit code; press Enter.
    To change or add the name, tab to the First NameMiddle Name, or Last Namefield, enter the name; press Enter.
  3. Press F5 to update the changes. Enter reason for changes or addition of information to the EEID screen on the PAN Comments screen.
  4. Press F5 to complete the update. The message U0007 Update process complete will display on the updated EEID screen.
  5. If name was updated, enter IDOC in the Next Func field; enter the employee ID number in the ID field; press Enter.
  6. Enter S on the line next to the applicable type of employee (staff, academic, or student) under the Change-in-Status documents; press F5.
  7. Press F8 to go to page 2. Enter S on the line next to Change in Personal Information; press F5 to print.
  8. If successful, the message P0649 Document(s) printed will display.