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Adding an Alternate Department

How to add an alternate department

Reasons to add an alternate department:

  • Another department is adding an appointment to one of your employees;
  • Another department needs to access information on one of your employees;
  • An employee is transferring to another department.

Steps to complete in web-based PPS

  1. In web-based PPS, select Change Existing Employee Record from the Main Menu.
  2. Add the employee number in the Employee ID field (or last name, comma, first name in the Name field), press Select button.
  3. From the left side Entry Screen Menu, select screen 5 Employment Information.
  4. Add the six-digit department code in the Alternate Department Code field.
  5. Go to screen 11 Summary, then screen 12 Review Messages and Update, make sure to submit all the way through to receive completed message.

Steps to complete in CICS PPS

  1. From main menu in PPS, enter EPER in the Next Func field and the employee number in the ID field (or last name, comma, first name in the Name field).
  2. Tab to the Alternate Department Code field, enter the six digit code of the department requesting to be added (press F1 for a list of codes).
    EPER screen with fields completed.
  3. Press Enter to confirm the information.
  4. Press F5 to update the alternate department. If successful, the message U0007 Update process complete will display.