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Staff New Hire Transaction

When hiring a new staff employee who has not been previously employed at UC Davis, or was rehired after a break in service greater than 13 months, policy states you must process the employee as a new hire.



There are several steps in the hiring process that need to be followed before employees are hired. A summary of those steps and requirements are outlined below. Questions regarding the employment process should be directed to Employment/Outreach Services at either the Davis campus or at UC Davis Health as appropriate. For Management and Senior Professional employment, see the MSP program website.

Employment process


Before you start

Required forms

Note: all forms need to be signed on or before the first day of employment.

  1. Oath of Allegiance/Patent Agreement form (UPAY 585), signed and witnessed
  2. Employment Eligibility Verification form (I-9), signed and witnessed
  3. Self Identification of Disability
  4. Self Identification of Ethnicity/Veteran Status
  5. Federal and State Withholding Allowance Certificates (W-4)
  6. Pay Disposition form (UPAY 702-3)
  7. Statement Concerning Your Employment in a University Position Not Covered by Social Security (if applicable)
  8. Personal Data Form (UPAY 544) - optional
  9. Personal Data Form (UPAY 544A) - required for all bargaining units
  10. Signed Position Description
Additional Requirements For Non-resident Aliens
  1. Employee's Federal-State Withholding Allowance Certificate W-4 (Non-Resident Alien)
  2. Department must provide Glacier system request form to new employee
  3. Employee must register in Glacier system prior to entry of information PPS
  4. Send all required forms and Tax Summary Report at part of packet to Payroll Services
Supplemental Requirements
  1. Background Check Authorization Form. Required on all critical positions. See the HR website for the Background Check process: a worksheet to determine whether the background check is necessary, policy and procedures.
  2. Adult/Child Abuse forms, certifications and licenses are required for certain department positions. Contact Human Resources for information.

Note: Employee must enroll in the appropriate new employee orientation class. More information is available at the HR New Employee Orientation website. To sign up for a class, visit the Learning & Development page.



Step 1 - Navigate to Hire bundle

The HIRE bundle includes the following screens:

  • EEID – Employee Identification
  • EPER – Personal Miscellaneous
  • EDP1 – Employee Personnel Data
  • EADD – Employee Address Data
  • EPD2 – Employee Personnel Data
  • ETAX – Tax Information
  • EAPP – Appointment/Distributions
  • ERET – Retirement Information

Hint: Print out a copy of the Salary Scales for the title you are hiring before you begin. This will give you the salary, step or grade, and employee relations code information that you will need to complete this transaction. 

  • To start the process, type HIRE in the Next Func Field.

Hire Bundle

  • Press Enter to navigate to the Hire bundle.


Step 2 - The EEID Screen

EEID Screen


Data Information

Employee ID

This is not an enterable field so the cursor will bypass it. A nine (9) digit number will be assigned by the system.


Enter the employee's social security number without hyphens (i.e. 323421129). If the employee does not have a social security number, the field may be left blank. However, the employee must obtain a social security number as soon as possible following employment. Once the number is obtained, the department should select the EEID screen and enter the SSN.

Note: if an employee record displays when you enter the SSN, check the information carefully to confirm if it is the same person. If the employee is a former UC Davis employee, they may still have a record in the Employee Database and can be processed as a rehire.

First Name

Enter the employee's first name in this field, this must be a legal name as seen on a legal document (no characters other than ' and - are allowed)

Middle Name

If applicable, enter the employee's middle name, this must be a legal name as seen on a legal document (no characters other than ' and - are allowed)

Last Name

Enter the employee's last name, this must be a legal name as seen on a legal document (no characters other than ' and - are allowed)

Date of Birth

Enter the birth date formatted mmddyy. A person under age eighteen (18) who has neither graduated from a high school or the equivalent nor received a certificate of proficiency may only be employed with a work permit issued in accordance with the State law. The work permit should be retained in the employee’s department personnel file and a copy forwarded to HR

Intercampus Transfer

This field is used only when an employee has transferred from another UC campus and there has been no break in service. Enter the Personnel Action Code that will establish the hire as an intercampus transfer, transfer from Systemwide or transfer from State Lab. See Intercampus Transfers for more information.

  1.  Press Enter to confirm the information.
  2. An Employee ID will appear on the screen and you will get a message (in yellow) that the input has been accepted.
  3. Press F11 to move to the EPER screen.


Step 3 - The EPER Screen

EPER Screen


Data Information

Assigned BELI Code

(Benefits Eligibility Level Indicator) indicates the employee’s eligibility for health and welfare benefits and controls access to the plans. Enter the BELI code for which the employee’s appointment type status, duration of employment and percentage of appointment qualifies. Initial eligibility is based on these criteria. To continue eligibility, an employee must retain a minimum appointment percent and an average paid time consistent with the appointment(s). More detailed information on BELI codes is available on the Benefits BELI Code Chart. Contact your Departmental Benefits Assistant if you have further questions.

Derived BELI

This a display only field for the system derived data. The system will look at the data that has been entered in specific field or group of fields and derive a BELI consistent with the entered data.  In most cases, the Assigned BELI and the derived BELI should be identical. When an assigned BELI Code is 5, the system will assign a Derived BELI Code of 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 which defines the specific reason for ineligibility.

Effective Date

Enter the date benefits become effective, formatted mmddyy. This will be the date of hire for a new employee.

BELI Status Qualifiers (Primary & Secondary & Date)

Leave blank unless instructed otherwise. See Benefits/DBA Resources/SQC for more information on status qualifier codes.

Date of Hire

Enter the most recent date of hire. The Oath Signature Date on the EPD2 screen should be no later than the date entered in this field.

Original Date of Hire

For an employee who has any prior university employment, enter the earliest date of employment. If the employee has no previous university Employment, enter the date of hire.

Employee Relations Code

Enter the code that represents the designation/status of an employee for purposes of collective bargaining. An employee relations code is assigned to each title code.

For more detailed information see PPS Employee Relations Codes.

Employee Relations Unit

This information is provided to your department by HR during the course of the recruitment/classification process. To find an Employee Relations Unit for a specific title code, go to Staff Salary Scales, enter the title code, click on Find and the bargaining unit will be listed next to the job title. The UC-Union Contracts page is another resource for union contract information.

Probationary Period End Date

For career employees only. MSP employees do not serve a probationary period. Enter the date on which the employee is to complete their probationary period.

Note: For staff employees the probationary period is 6 consecutive months. For example, hired 1-22-06 then the probationary end date will be 7-21-06.

For more information see policy on Probationary Period.

Next Salary Review

For career employees only. Enter the projected date (mmyy) on which the employee is to be considered for a salary review. Refer to Merit Program/Performance Evaluation Timelines.

Next Salary Review Type

For career employees only. Enter the code that represents the type of increase that the employee is to be considered for. The code is usually 2 (available for a merit)

Merit Rate Increase Percent

This is a derived field. Do not enter information in this field. Information in this field is derived after a merit process has been completed.

Home Department Code

Enter the employee's department code. If you do not know the home department code you can use F1 for Help in PPS or look it up in PPS DS.

Alternate Home Department Code

This field is used to grant a department access to an employee’s record. No entry is required for a new hire.

Mail Alt Dep

This field is used for alternate mailing location. It is located on the IGEN screen

Primary Title Code

Enter the employee’s numeric, 4-digit title code

Employee Unit Code

Entry not required in this field - this field is derived by the system based on the Title Unit Code and the Appointment Representation Code. The code indicates the collective bargaining unit which represents the employee’s predominant appointment job title.

Employee Representation Code

This is a display-only field derived by the system; you cannot enter information in this field; it is based on Appointment Representation Codes and indicates whether the employee is covered, uncovered or a supervisor for collective bargaining purposes in his/her predominant appointment job title.

Employee Special Handling Code

No entry required.

Employee Distribution Unit Code

No entry required.

Job Group ID

This is a display-only field derived by the system for use in Affirmative Action reporting.

  1.  Press Enter to confirm the information.
  2.  Press F11 to move to the EPD1 screen.


Step 4 - The EPD1 Screen

EPD1 Screen


Data Information

Date of Birth

This field is pre-populated when the date of birth is entered on the EEID screen, i.e. 010580


Enter the code for the employee's gender (M for male and F for female)


 Enter the code that represents the employee's ethnicity


If applicable, enter the correct veteran and disability information in the Veteran Status Codes fields

Disabled Status

Leave blank if not disabled.

Citizenship Status

Enter the code that represents the employee’s citizenship status with respect to the United States. Only codes CR and N are allowed on new hire transactions. For more information see the following websites:

Student Status

Enter the code representing the employee's student status

No. of Reg. Units

Enter the number of units for which the student is registered at a UC. This includes student employees who are registered at a UC campus other than the one at which they are employed. 

Note: enter decimal point to the second place, i.e. 16 units should be entered as 16.00


Enter VISA type. For a complete list of codes and eligibility for employment, see the PPS Visa Classifications Chart. Most common codes:

  • F1 - Student
  • H1 - Temporary worker of distinguished merit and ability
  • J1 - Exchange visitor
  • PR - Permanent Resident (Green Card)

VISA/Work Permit End Date

Enter date VISA or Work Permit ends. If employee is PR there is no end date.

Retirement System Code

THIS IS A DERIVED FIELD - DO NOT ENTER. Please do review the code for accuracy. More information can be found on the Benefits Retirement Code Chart.

FICA Eligibility Code

THIS IS A DERIVED FIELD - DO NOT ENTER. Please review the code for accuracy. More information can be found on the Benefits FICA Code Chart.

  1. Press Enter to confirm the information.
  2. Press F11 to move to the EADD screen.


Step 5 - The EADD Screen

EADD Screen


Data Information

Permanent Address

Enter the address to which the employee desires all university mail to be sent via US mail.

Note: Permanent address is used to determine benefits program eligibility. If permanent address is out of area, the employee can only enroll in out-of-area benefits. NOTE: This address will be used on your W2.

Foreign Address Indicator

Indicate F if the Permanent Address is foreign and complete the Providence, Country and Postal Code.

Home Phone

Enter the employee's phone number including the area code (no hyphens, i.e. 5307548888)

Spouse Name

This is a voluntary field. Enter the employee’s spouse’s name if applicable. This is only used in emergency situations.

Campus Release Code

Enter the code that indicates whether the employee has authorized the use of his/her permanent address, home phone or spouse’s name for campus processing. Releasing this information authorizes UC to send mailings that are non-university related.

Note: For union represented employees, information must be disclosed. After the hire, employees may opt to change their disclosure.

Employee Organization Disclosures

Enter the appropriate code for releasing employee address and phone number. Leaving the field blank or entering a Y will release information, entering an N will not release information.

Note: For union represented employees in units CX (CUE), RX/TX (UPTE) and EX/RX (AFSCME) information must be disclosed. After the hire, employees may opt to change their disclosure.

Campus Address

The campus address is the one to which the employee desires all campus mail to be sent. The campus address fields will accommodate on-campus or extended off-campus addresses. On-campus address consists of the Department Name on Line 1, One Shields Avenue on Line 2, and then city, state and zip. If the employee is off-campus, enter the full mailing address, using Line 1, Line 2, if needed, and the city, state and zip.

Campus Phone

Enter the employee's work phone number, i.e. 5307520000

Campus Room and Building

Enter the employee's room and building location. Consult the campus directory for building abbreviations.

  1. Press Enter to confirm the information.
  2. Press F11 to move to the EPD2 screen.

Permanent Address Fields

Number of Characters

U.S. Address

Foreign Address

Line 1 (Street)

30 max



Line 2 (C/O, PO box, etc.)

30 max




21 max




2 required


Leave Blank


5 required


Leave Blank

Foreign Addr Ind

1 required




15 max

Leave Blank

If needed by country*


2 required

Leave Blank


Postal Code

10 max

Leave Blank

If needed by country*

** Payroll Services and Personnel Offices do not know which countries require a Prov (Province, State, County, or District) or a Foreign Postal code for mail delivery. Please consult with the employee.

Note: If the employee's permanent address is not correct at W-2 mailing time (mid-January), the employee may not receive his/her W-2 form. Undeliverable W-2 forms are NOT forwarded by the United States Postal Service  they are returned to Payroll Services.


Step 6 - The EPD2 Screen

EPD2 Screen


Data Information

Oath Signature Date

This field must be completed for United States Citizens only. Enter the date the oath of Allegiance form is signed by the employee. For example, March 1, should be entered as 030115.

Note: The Oath MUST be signed on or before the first day of employment, which for staff employees is typically the date of hire that is entered on the EPER screen.

I-9 Date

Enter the date that the I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) form is signed by the employee.  For example, April 1, 2015 is entered as 040115.

Note: the I-9 MUST be signed on or before the begin date

E-Verify Date

Skip this field during new hire entry.

Note: User must return to EPD2 screen and this field should be completed with the date if you have been notified the appointment is subject to E-Verify, and the E-Verify Department General User has completed the process.

E-Verify Status

Tab past this field. Code of Y indicates the employee is subject to the E-Verify process.

Note: If code indicates the employee is subject to E-Verify process inform E-Verify Department General User.

Education Level Code

Enter the code that indicates the highest level of education attained by the employee. (F1 for choices)

Educational Level Year

Enter the last two digits of the year in which the employee’s highest level of education was attained.

Non-UC Prior Service Code

DO NOT ENTER INFORMATION IN THIS FIELD. This field is completed by Human Resources. Qualifying service from non-UC employment includes the State of California, The Department of Energy Laboratories (DOE) and the California State University.

For staff hires no other fields are to be completed on the page.

  1. Press Enter to confirm the information.
  2. Press F11 to move to the ETAX screen.


Step 7 - The ETAX Screen

ETAX Screen

Note: If the employee is a Nonresident Alien they must complete UC W-4NR/DE4 – University of California Nonresident Alien Employee’s Allowance Certificate.


Data Information

Federal Marital Status

Enter the federal marital status from the employee's W-4. 

Federal Personal Allowances

Enter the number of federal personal allowances from the employee's W-4  One (1) allowance is entered as 001

Maximum Withholding


California StateMarital Status

Enter the state marital status from the employee's W-4

California Personal Allowances

Enter the number of state personal allowances from the employee's W-4  One (1) allowance is entered as 001

California Itemized Deductions

Enter the number of state itemized deductions from the employee’s W-4

California Maximum Withholding


Additional Federal Tax Withholding

Enter additional federal tax that the employee would like deducted monthly (i.e. 120.00). Once hired the employee can change this information on UC AYSO.

  1. Press Enter to confirm the information.
  2.  Press F11 to move to the EAPP screen.


Step 8 - The EAPP Screen - Entering the appointment

Add A Command

The appointment number uniquely identifies an appointment and its associated data. See Appointments and Distributions for additional information.

Tab or move cursor to the command (===>) line. Enter ADD A to add the appointment with a system generated appointment number. Press Enter

EAPP Appt Entry


Data Information


A system derived appointment number of 10 will automatically populate the Appt field for a new hire.


The cursor will be positioned in the Actions field. This field is used to enter action codes that identify the activity or change of information that is occurring at the appointment level. When the New Hire bundle is selected, the Personal Action code of 01-Initial hire is derived. Do NOT enter any action codes for a new hire.


The system will derive the Personnel Program from the title code


Enter the code representing the employee’s appointment type status associated with the appointment. The appointment type status is also used to determine eligibility for health and  welfare plans.

For more information see PPS Appointment Types Code chart


Normally left blank for staff members unless they are partial year/career; type 7; if so, enter the number of months worked (may be 9, 10, 11)


Leave blank for staff members

Appt Begin

Enter the date the employee's appointment becomes effective, formatted as mmddyy

Appt End 

If the appointment is considered indefinite with no predetermined end date, enter 999999. Otherwise, enter the date on which the appointment is expected to end.


Duration of Employment code, leave blank if not indefinite.

  • B - End Date for budget reason only
  • I - Indefitine
  • V - End Date due to Visa expirpation

Additional information is available on the Benefits Duration Indicator chart


This field is system-derived from the account number based on the FAU. If the appointment is split funded, the department is derived by the largest distribution percent or the first line if the position is equally split funded


Enter the 4-digit numeric title code for this position. See the HR Salary Scales to look up staff title codes.


Enter the grade (if any) associated with the staff title code as published in the HR Salary Scales. If there is no grade leave this field blank.

Note: Staff titles usually have either a grade or step, but not both. The exception to this rule  is SX, EX and HX covered positions- they have neither a step nor a grade.

% Full

Enter the percentage of time expected to be worked in an appointment. For example, the acceptable value for 100% is 1.00 or 50% is .50. The appointment percent of time and the appointment begin and end date must be consistent with the appointment type, e.g. career and limited.

Note:  The sum of all distributions percents associated with the appointment should equal the appointment percent of time.


Enter the code representing whether the amount of time to be worked in an appointment is fixed F or variable V for each pay period. When you combine a percent, under 100% with V, it indicates that the employee will work the percent specified on a regular basis but may work up to 100%.  If 50% V it indicates that the employee works 50% regularly but may work between 50% and 100% at times.

Ann/Hr Rate

Do not complete if Annual Salary. This field is system derived based on the Salary/Amount in the Rate/Amount Field on the distribution and the code entered in the Rt (Rate) field. For example when the Rt code is A (annual) and the Rate/Amount is 2500.00, the Ann/Hr is derived as 30000.00 (12 X 2500)


Enter the code that represents the rate:

  • H - Hourly
  • A - Monthly
  • B - By Agreement

 The code entered must be compatible with the Rate/Amount on the distribution. Refer to the Description of Service (DOS) Code Table on the PPS website.


Enter the code that represents the pay schedule on which the appointment is to be paid.

  • BW - Biweekly
  • MO - Monthly

An employee can have only one (1) pay schedule across all appointments.


Enter the code that represents the method of reporting time worked in an appointment. Refer to PPS Time Codes

Note: Use Z for positive or R for exception. See Appointments and Distributions for more information.


Enter the leave accrual code that represents the rate at which vacation and sick leave will accrue for the appointment.

For Professional and Support Staff Program (PSS title codes 4001-9726) use PPS Table

For Manager & Senior Professional Program (MSP title codes 0209-0799) use MSP table

If multiple appointments, the total percent of all eligible appointments must be considered when determining the appropriate leave accrual code. For further information see the Leave Accrual Codes charts on the PPS website.

  • Tab or move cursor to the command (===>) line.


Step 9. The EAPP Screen: Entering the distribution

Add D Command

The distribution number uniquely identifies a payroll distribution associated with an appointment. See Appointments and Distributions for additional information.

Tab or move cursor to the command (===>) line.  Enter ADD D to add the distribution with a system generated distribution number. Press Enter to continue. A system generated number (11) will automatically populate the Dist field.

EAPP Dist Entry


Data Information

C/Account/Sub-A/Obj/S-O/ Project

Enter the full accounting unit (FAU) to which pay will be charged. The FAU must already be established in DaFIS. Required fields are C/Account/Object Consolidation (SUBS, SUBG, etc). 

Note: Davis has four location codes, 3, L, H & S.


Enter Full Time Equivalent (FTE) for staffing/budgeted purposes. Only enter for career positions that are permanently funded (paid from SUBS); i.e. for full time enter 1.0, for 50% enter .50

Dist %

Enter the percentage of time chargeable to this account. The percentage should be entered to the fourth decimal point; i.e. 100% is entered as 1.0000, 50% is entered as .5000. The total of all distribution percents associated with an appointment should equal the percent of time entered in the % Full Time field on the appointment

Pay Begin

Enter the date the pay should start being charged to this FAU

Pay End

Enter the date the pay should stop being charged to this FAU or enter 999999 for an indefinite appointment.


Enter the step (if any) associated with the title code and pay rate. This information is available on the Staff Salary Scales. If there is no step associated with the pay rate, leave blank. If there is a grade associated with the title it must be entered on the appointment line. Enter steps with a decimal point, for example step 1 is 1.0, 1 ½ is 1.5, etc.

Note: Staff titles usually have either a step or a grade, not both. The exception to this rule is EX, HX and SX covered positions have no grade or step.


(Off-scale/Above Scale) - Use this field only if the employee’s distribution pay rate is above the maximum or off step of the salary range for the title code. These actions require prior approval from Human Resources. If an employee is off step the O indicator is used, if they are above the salary scales the A indicator is used.


Enter the employees, hourly rate, monthly rate or the by-agreement amount associated with the distribution. The Rate/Amount entered must be compatible with the Rate Code entered in the Rt field on the appointment. Examples:

  • If the employee’s appointment rate code is H, enter the hourly rate ( such as 10.5300)
  • If the appointment rate code is A, enter the full time monthly amount (such as 4000.00)
  • If the appointment rate code is B, enter the by-agreement amount (such as 550.00)


(Description of Service) - Enter the code that represents the type of pay. This code defines the type of compensation. The most common DOS code is REG. Refer to the Description of Service (DOS) Codes for more information


Use this field only if an employee is to have a perquisite deducted from their total compensation, i.e. for meals or room and board. Departments must receive approval from Human Resources to establish perquisites.


Leave this field blank


(Work-Study) - If the student employee’s pay is partially funded by the Work Study Program, enter the code that represents the type of work student program. Otherwise, leave blank. Refer to Department Guidelines for Processing Work-Study Awards for more information.

  1. Press Enter to confirm the information.
  2. Press F11 to move to the ERET screen.


Step 10. The ERET Screen


  1. Press F5 to begin the update process.


Step 11. The ECOM Screen

PAN comments

Enter the following in the Description of Content field of the PAN Comments screen:

  • title code
  • type of transaction – in this case a new hire
  • vacancy listing number (if applicable)
  • Banner confirmation and date (student titles only)
  • notation on end date (if applicable)
  • notation of pre-approved exceptions (if applicable)

Example 1: TC 4722, New Hire, VL# 1234, approved by ___________

Example 2: TC 4723, __Assistant II, New Hire, VL# 2345, end date of 6-30-08 for budget purposes, approved by ____________

Example 3: TC 4919, Student Assistant III, New Hire, VL#7890, banner confirmation 5-10-06.

Note: If the Preparer phone or email is incorrect, please add the correct info to your comment.

  • Press F5 to finish the update to PPS and send the PAN.


Step 12. The IDOC (Employee Document)

  1. See instructions for printing IDOC using the web-based process on the PPS website.
  2. The first five digits of Social Security Numbers (SSN) have been masked on all IDOCs.
    To satisfy the requirement for the employee to verify that their social security number is correct, departmental personnel are now required to have the employee verify the SSN entered in PPS. Have the employee look at the ITAX screen and verify that their SSN is correct. Make sure any discrepancies are cleared before having the employee sign the IDOC
  3. Review IDOC with employee and obtain the employee's signature.
  4. Provide a copy to the employee and retain a copy for your departmental personnel file.
  5. Distribute copies (see below).

Note: All supporting documentation MUST be forwarded to the appropriate offices within two working days of PPS entry.


Step 13. Distribution of Forms

Send To


Payroll Services

  • Original Summary of Initial Hire or Rehire, signed by employee (IDOC)
  • Screen print of PAN Comments (information required – title code, title name, type of transaction, vacancy listing number if applicable, Banner confirmation and date for student titles, notation of end date if applicable, and notification of pre-approved exceptions if applicable)
  • Employment Eligibility Verification form (I-9)
  • Do not make copies of the employee’s documents (i.e. social security card, driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Verify eligibility from original document, then forward original I-9 form to Payroll
  • Federal and State Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4)
  • Oath of Allegiance (signature of citizens only)/Patent Agreement form (UPAY 585)
  • Pay Disposition form (UPAY 702-3)

Tax Accounting

  • Statement of Citizenship, if applicable
  • Form 8233, IRS Tax Exempt form, if applicable
  • Tax Treaty form, if applicable

Human Resources



  • Original, signed application for incoming MSP employee goes to the Office of SR Associate Vice-Chancellor Human Resources
  • Adult/Child Abuse form, if required
  • Any required certification


  • Copy of Summary of Initial Hire or Rehire (IDOC)
  • Copy of position description


  • Copy of signed Summary of Initial Hire or Rehire (IDOC)
  • Copy of I-9 form only (kept in a file separate from the employee’s personnel file)
  • Copy of signed position description
  • Copy of the Statement of Citizenship Status