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Staff Merit Transaction

Use the SALR bundle to process a merit increase for an eligible employee whose increase was for some reason not processed on your departmental merit listing.



For example, use this bundle if an eligible employee's name was omitted from the merit listing during the regular batch merit processing cycle, or if an employee becomes eligible for a retroactive merit increase (effective on a date in the past) due to a retroactive reclassification. Reference: Merit Program, Salary Adjustment and Evaluation Timelines.

All fields that should be considered for data entry are listed. Many fields were fully defined in the New Hire bundle. Comments pertaining specifically to the personnel actions described above are included in the instructions below. Always review existing appointment(s) and distribution(s) and update the data as necessary. Add new distributions as necessary to complete the transaction.

Screens in the SALR bundle:

  • EPER – Personnel Miscellaneous
  • EAPP – Appointment/Distributions
  • ETAX – Tax Information



Step 1. Navigate to SALR bundle

To navigate to the SALR bundle type SALR in the Next Func field and enter the employee ID, Name or Social Security Number and press Enter.


Step 2. EPER Screen: Personnel-Miscellaneous


Data Information

Next Salary Review Date

Enter the month and year (mmyy) of the next salary review for which the employee is eligible. Reference: Merit Program, Salary Adjustment and Evaluation Timelines.

Next Salary Review Type

Enter the code signifying the type of salary increase for which the employee is next eligible. If the employee is not eligible for a next salary review, enter a code of 5, for example, an employee in a step-based salary range who is at the maximum of the salary range for the classification.

Merit Rate Increase Percent

If the employee is receiving a merit increase, enter the percent of increase to the second decimal place, for example, 4.82 or 5.01. This information is automatically calculated for employees whose merit increases are processed on merit listings through the batch process, but it must be entered when a merit increase is being processed on-line in EDB Entry/Update.

  •  Press Enter, then press F11 to move to the EAPP screen.


Step 3. EAPP Screen: Appointments/Distributions

Existing Distributions

Fields Data Information

Pay End Date

When entering a new distribution reflecting a salary increase, the current distribution(s) must be ended by entering a Pay End date that is immediately prior to the effective date of the salary increase. If the distribution to be ended has a Pay Begin date later than the effective date of the salary increase, the distribution should be deleted using the DELETE command.

ADD or COPY a new distribution line:

Fields Data Information


Enter 04 for a merit increase.

C/Account/Sub-A/Obj/S-O/ Project

Enter account information if blank or if the existing account number needs to be changed.

Pay Begin

Enter the effective date of the salary increase.

Pay End

Enter 999999 if the distribution pay end date is indefinite, or enter the date that pay from the associated account number will end. If an end date is entered, review remaining appointment and distribution information to be sure it is consistent with appointment type. For coding information see Appointment Code.


Enter the new step resulting from the salary increase (if the employee has a step-based salary).


In order for an employee to be eligible for a merit increase, the O/A code must be blank. A merit increase cannot result in a pay rate higher than the maximum of the employee's pay range.


Enter the monthly or hourly rate reflecting the merit increase. Guidelines for determining merit increase rates vary based on personnel program and the amount of funds available each merit cycle. Refer to the guidelines published by Human Resources relevant to the merit increase being entered.


Enter REG for an active distribution.

  1. The next screen in the bundle is the ERET screen. Entry is not required on the ERET screen. Press F11 to move to ERET screen.
  2. Press F5 to go to PAN comments screen.


Step 4. ECOM Screen: PAN Comments

PAN comments

Enter the following in the Description of Content field of the PAN Comments screen:

  • Title Code
  • Type of transaction (Merit Increase.).
  • Notation of end date (if applicable).
  • Notation of pre-approved exceptions (if applicable).

 Note: If the Preparer phone or email is incorrect, please add the correct info to your comment.

  • Press F5 to finish the update in PPS and send the PAN.


Step 5 - The IDOC (Employee Document)

  1. See instructions for printing IDOC using the web-based process on the PPS website.
  2. The first five digits of Social Security Numbers (SSN) have been masked on all IDOCs.
    To satisfy the requirement for the employee to verify that their social security number is correct, departmental personnel are now required to have the employee verify the SSN entered in PPS. Have the employee look at the ITAX screen and verify that their SSN is correct. Make sure any discrepancies are cleared before having the employee sign the IDOC.
  3. Review IDOC with employee and obtain the employee's signature.
  4. Provide a copy to the employee and retain a copy for your departmental personnel file.